4 Reasons To Holiday In The UK This Year

For many people, a true “holiday” is one that takes place away from the UK – and there’s no doubt that there are countless wonders to be experienced across the globe. Whether it’s a city break to Paris, a long weekend in the south of France, or a two-week sightseeing extravaganza in Egypt, travellers can be assured of an incredible time as they leave old Blighty behind for the duration of their trip. 


However, there’s something to be said for holidaying here in the UK as well, and below, we’ve highlighted four particularly persuasive reasons you might want to give the idea a try… 


Reason #1: Affordability 


As soon as you remove flights from the equation, holidays become significantly more affordable. As a result, choosing to holiday in the UK means that the funds you save by following money saving tips in 2020 will go far further than they would if travelling further afield, which can mean one of three possibilities: a) you are able to take more holidays, b) the holidays you do take are more luxurious or c) you can stay on holiday for longer. 


Reason #2: Amazing natural sites 

Pixabay (CC0 Licence)
Pixabay (CC0 Licence)

The UK is home to some of the most incredible natural sites in the world; ranging from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (pictured above) to the waterfalls in Wales. Whether you’re interested in mountainous terrain, beautiful beaches, lush rolling green hills, or rugged moor landscapes, there’s a place in the UK that is sure to provide a stunning experience should you choose to visit.


Reason #3: Convenience 


Travelling across the globe is undoubtedly an amazing experience, but the sheer size of the planet does subtract time from your holiday that has to be dedicated to travel. Travelling in the UK, in contrast, is far more convenient thanks to the relatively small size of the country. There’s also no need to worry about jet lag, having to change money, or getting to grips with a language you’re unfamiliar with; instead, you can simply arrive and start to enjoy your holiday as soon as possible. 


Reason #4: Incredible range of cities 


Given that all of the cities in the UK are technically in the same country, it would be fairly reasonable to expect a certain uniformity between them – but this is far from the case. If you’re a fan of city breaks, then the UK offers an incredible array of options: from the vibrancy of London, to the quaintness and rich history found in Winchester (Winchester cathedral pictured above), to the nightlife of Manchester, to the art and culture available in Edinburgh, to the stunning architecture of York – you’ll find something different whichever city you choose to visit. 


In conclusion


Travelling outside of the UK undoubtedly has its delights, but staying closer to home and exploring the wonders of the UK has – as we have highlighted above – numerous benefits, both in terms of practicality and the type of experiences you are able to enjoy. Why not give a UK holiday or two a try this year and experience the wonders for yourself?

7 Reasons To Go On A Coach Trip

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay


Traveling by coach has come along way in recent years, it has become more varied, more luxurious, more imaginative, is attracting a wider range of guests and even better there is an increasing number of destinations you can go to now and choose tours that are tailored to particular places, or themes such as food and wine or country music. So, apart from that, why else should you be choosing a coach holiday this year?


They’re Luxurious

Forget coach trips being for old people; they are now a really luxurious and comfortable way to travel with decent legroom, nice toilets, Wi-Fi, and food and beverages.


You Don’t Have To Drive

A coach trip takes away the stress of driving to the airport and finding somewhere to park, it takes away the stress of driving in a foreign country and knowing which side of the road to be on as well as navigating your way around the country. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing and going on a coach tour like the ones available from absolute travel & tours are one way to ensure you’re relaxed, but you still get to drive around the country you want to go to. 


You Can Enjoy The View

When you’re not driving but being driven, you get to admire the passing scenery. The windows are large, and you are sat high above other vehicles, which means you get a fantastic view of the country you’re traveling in.  


You’ll Make The Most Of Your Time

You won’t have to waste your time studying maps or searching for parking spaces. All of this is taken care of for you, and you won’t miss a thing. Coach itineraries have been developed over many years, and with years of experience, they will make sure that you see the best sights without wasting time. The coach tour will know the best time to go to each place and all the tricks and tips for making sure you get the most out of your trip. 


They’re Good Value For Money

When you travel on a coach tour, you will find that you get really good value for money. The coach tour operators will often have good deals with the sightseeing operators and the hotels; many have long-standing relationships that enable them to pass on great deals to you.


You’ll Meet New People

Passengers on your coach trip will be a varied bunch, and it’s easy to get to know them as you’re in a small group, and you’ll spend lots of time with them.  Many single travelers like coach touring for its sense of security. You’ll usually find a good mix of couples and friends traveling together, and there’s a good chance that your fellow travelers will be like-minded people. 


It’s Greener – And Not Just The Views

Travel with a clean conscience; coaches are one of the greenest forms of transport. Moving many people around in a single-vehicle has numerous benefits in terms of reduced fossil fuel usage and lower emissions per passenger. In addition, trips and breaks in your own country are obviously better for the planet than going overseas, which involves more lengthy travel.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media might be a relatively new phenomenon, but it has grown rapidly since it first emerged. Now people of all ages use social media to communicate with friends and family, as well as interact with businesses and brands. Social media can be a wonderful thing, but it has both pros and cons.

Stay Connected

Social media is excellent for staying connected to people around the world. Whether you want to send a message to your friend who lives nearby or communicate with family on the other side of the world, it makes it easy to do, with a choice of methods to use too.

Overwhelming Experiences

One downside of social media is that it can become too much. Social media addiction is a problem for many, and you might also find that many of the things you see, read, and watch get you down in various ways. Taking a break from social media can be useful sometimes.

Community Communication

Social media can also be great for forming communities. There are groups, pages, and hashtags that allow people to find others with similar interests. Businesses can make use of social media as a community tool too, even providing customer service.

Personal and Business Risks

People can face risks from social media in both their personal lives and at work. These risks include the sharing and theft of personal information, as well as a loss of productivity when social media is a distraction at work. Understanding these risks can help people to use social media in a healthier way.

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham

Improved Law School Programs Are Making It Easier For You To Get Ahead

While many people try side-hustles and starting up their own businesses to achieve success, few ever manage to achieve it. The success rate for those who take traditional career paths, such as becoming a lawyer, however, is much higher, making this the more attractive for many to get the lifestyle that they want. 

The problem, of course, is that gaining the qualifications that you need to become a practicing lawyer isn’t always easy. Often it involves a lot of time, money, and effort. 

Fortunately, educational practices are changing for the better. Schools are changing the way that they deliver education, adding convenience for all students who study with them. 

These modifications are the result of two broad factors: the changing legal landscape and the march of technology. 

The demand for traditional criminal barristers is still present, but companies and individuals need people with legal expertise for a host of reasons, not just to defend them in court. Companies with intellectual property, for instance, need advice and strategies for how to protect it. Likewise, enterprises that must operate under a set of burdensome regulations also need advice and help. 

Educational institutions, therefore, are adapting their curricula. Not only are they covering more niche law applications, but they’re also providing students with direct experience of the industries that they will work with in the future. It’s a fundamental change that takes learning out of the classroom and into the real world. 

Are you considering going into law to improve your lifestyle? Check out the following infographic. 

Infographic by USC

Practicing Mindfulness In 2020

Practicing Mindfulness In 2020

Are you struggling to focus? Do you find getting everyday tasks done harder than before? Like most of us, you might struggle with anxiety and feel overwhelmed on occasion. This is where mindfulness can come in. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on a task or activity that forces you to be in the moment and which can allow you to relax and live each moment as you experience it. Mindfulness has grown in popularity in recent years and with it a large number of practices that promise to decrease your stress and anxiety. Some of the most popular, but harder to put into regular practice are listed below.


1- Meditate

If you thought that meditation was only for Tibetan monks or ‘woke’ millennials, think again. Meditation comes in many different forms. Practicing mindful meditation may take a little getting used to, especially if you are new to mindfulness, and sitting still for a certain period of time is difficult. Nonetheless, this is a practice and can be incredibly rewarding. Choose an environment that you feel relaxed and safe. This might be your bedroom, for example. Set aside some time in your day, even if it’s just ten minutes. Finding time for yourself is just as important as actually practicing the meditation — a gentle reminder of your value.

2- Less Screen Time

The more access we have to technology, the more screen time we are likely to spend. Instead of using your phone or iPad before bed each evening, try to engage yourself with mindful activities such as reading or listening to an audiobook. This not only gets our bodies prepared for sleep but allows our eyes to rest from the blue light that comes from screens. Another practice to consider before bed is to journal. Journaling, like a free form of expression, can allow you to take the thoughts from your day and put them to paper in a cathartic way. You may need to find the style of journaling that works for you, and it may be through poetry, scribbling, or even coloring in. 

3- Mindful Exercise 
Exercise doesn’t have to be high intensity for it to benefit you. Undertaking very intense training for extended periods of time can actually have adverse effects on your adrenal glands. This is because overtraining can cause the hormones in these glands to become depleted and result in what is termed ‘adrenal fatigue.’ This isn’t a normal occurrence however and often comes with other stress, which contributes to adrenal fatigue, not just overtraining. Nonetheless, gentler exercises are generally better for your body. Swimming, for example, is both gentle on your body and can incorporate mindful practices when done right. Instead of focusing on your destination, swim mindfully, noticing every stroke and the feeling of going through the water. Another popular choice is, of course Yoga. Yoga and meditation are both practices that are interlinked with each other. Yoga exercises performed on yoga mats is beneficial for mind and body and combines mindfulness with the release of physical and emotional tension.