How To Be More Productive When Blogging


We all know the feeling- it’s approaching evening time and we haven’t accomplished anything like as much as we would have wanted to during the day. The beginning of the day always starts off with good intentions, plans are made, lists are written and goals are aimed for. However sometimes at the end of the day your to-do list seems even longer than it was at the start. Being productive and managing your time especially when blogging can be very difficult.  We’ve outlined some ways that you can juggle your time effectively and be as productive as you can every day.

Don’t Multitask

It can be really tempting to try and tackle more than one task at once. Doing two things at the same time should get them done quicker, right? Wrong. Multitasking has been proven to actually cause damage to the human brain and it actually means that you are doing both things only half as well as you could have. Give your full attention and focus to one thing at a time and you will soon find that you are actually completing your work faster and not dealing with correcting mistakes or missteps. If you’re having a hard time managing all your documents and paperwork, thing about employing the help of a document management system, like the one you can find here:

Take Your Time

It’s not uncommon for many of us to start working on our content and social media before 8 am and not logging off until much, much later. While it may seem like we’re getting more done by working increasingly long hours, it actually has the opposite effect. With more and more people becoming increasingly stressed and burnt out from work, more and more companies are encouraging their staff to take regular breaks. Stepping away from your desk to stretch your legs or get some fresh air is proven to help boost concentration, and increase your mood. Try a quick walk around the block to beat your mid-afternoon slump and see the dramatic difference.  

Set Yourself Small goals

Sometimes, just looking at your to-do list can be crushing and anxiety-inducing. Seeing a large chunk of things that you have to get done, can leave you resentful or depressed. Break up big projects into smaller, more manageable chunks to help you feel more in control and more productive once you accomplish them. This also helps you keep a track of how your tasks are going day to day and make more intensive tasks seem less daunting.

Do Your Biggest Task First

In other words ‘swallow the frog’. Don’t push aside your biggest task until later in the day when you may be too frazzled to tackle them properly. You’re more likely to be firing on all cylinders first thing in the morning, so deal with your most difficult projects early one. It also will give you a great sense of relief to not have it looming over you for the whole day.

Implement the “Two-Minute Rule”

Do the most with your time at work by filling any small gaps in your schedule with tiny, quick tasks that need to be completed. Need to fire off a quick ‘thank-you’ email to a PR who sent you some freebies? Instead of leaving it, send it as soon as possible because leaving it until the last minute actually takes up more of your time! Not every day can be completely productive but it’s a good way to set and keep habits that will see you in good stead in the future.

3 Things You Need to Think About Before Starting a New Relationship

If you’ve been dating for a long time and getting nowhere, it might feel like you’re never going to find a person that you actually want to have a relationship with. But the important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t put too much pressure, just enjoy dating for a while and it will happen for you eventually. When you do finally meet that special person and you decide that you want something more serious, your life is going to change a lot. Entering into a serious relationship is a big step and you need to think about it carefully. If you think that you’ve found the right person, here are some things that you need to consider before entering into a relationship with them.

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Learn To Understand Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re looking for love is thinking that finding a partner is a magic bullet that will solve all of their problems, but it isn’t. If you enter into a relationship without understanding yourself and being comfortable in your own skin, you’ll be going into that relationship from a very emotionally dependent place. It’s important that you don’t rely on that person for emotional strength all of the time. Your partner will make you happy, of course, but it’s important that you know how to be happy on your own without them. If you don’t think that you’re there yet, it might be best to work on yourself for a while before starting a relationship.

Think About Contraception

This is a big one because an unplanned pregnancy is not a good way to start a new relationship. Even though you might think that they’re the one and you have dreams about starting a family with them, things might not work out that way. Having kids is a big step and one that you should take when you’re ready, so make sure that you look into contraception options and visit the doctor. This is something that you should discuss with your new partner so you can decide on contraception that works best for both of you. You should never rely on the other person to provide contraception and just assume that they will.

Talk About Goals And Aspirations

When you enter into a serious relationship with somebody, there are a lot of big decisions that will be made together in the future. At some point, you’ll want to move in together and maybe get married and have kids. But what if they don’t want to get married or start a family? What if they have plans to move to another city to pursue a career but you don’t want to? These disagreements are going to cause problems in the relationship further down the line so it’s important that you talk about it now. That doesn’t mean that you have to plan out your entire lives together and there is always room for compromise in these situations, but if you both have a completely different idea about what the future looks like, you might want to think twice about starting a relationship.

If you don’t think about these things right now, you could end up starting a relationship that isn’t right for either of you.  

Why Aiming for a Summer Body is Unhealthy and What to do Instead

Are you always dreaming of reaching your summer body? You’ve probably thought about it at some point, especially since a lot of people you see on social media are always going on about it too. Talk of summer bodies is everywhere, so it can be hard not to get sucked in and feel under pressure when the nights start to get lighter and the days begin to get warmer.

However, aiming for a summer body can actually be super detrimental to your health. Why? Well, first off, it encourages habits that are not sustainable. People often take to routines that they won’t keep up in the long run, simply to look good for one event or vacation. They might eat much less than they should be, exercise more than their bodies can keep up with, and take a number of drastic measures to reach their goals. It also implies that taking care of your body should end once summer is over. There are many negative connotations with this term!

Here, we’re going to help you figure out what to do instead of aiming for that ‘summer body’. You’ll likely feel much better!

Aim To Take Care Of Your Body Year Round

First of all, aiming to take care of your body year round rather than just in the run up to summer is a good idea. You should care for yourself enough that you see how important this is. Caring for your body means staying active, eating nutrient dense food, and doing so in a way that you enjoy. Doing it the unhealthy way and hating it is a waste of your precious time and will not get you long term results. What’s the point at all if you’re only going to be miserable because you’re so hungry during the summer period?

Aiming to take care of your body year round will take the pressure off you and you’ll feel confident whatever the weather, literally.

Make Small, Sustainable Changes When You Feel Ready To

If you do feel like you want to make a few small changes in the run up to summer, there are ways you can do this healthily. Make a few snack swaps, so instead of having a bag of regular crisps, for example, you eat pea snacks instead. Maybe consider adding in 15 minutes on the stairmaster 3 times a week, or adding in one more weightlifting session. You should not be burning yourself out mentally and physically in order to reach your goals. Small, sustainable changes are the way forward and will not mess with your mental health.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Somebody Else

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to somebody else. Remember, you only see a picture online, not the full story. If you’re following Instagrammers who work out, remember that a lot of it is angles, photoshop, and sneaky uploads from the year before even. You never know the full story, and comparing yourself isn’t a good idea even if you did. You are uniquely you, so embrace that!

Go For Balance Over Everything Else

Above all else, you should be aiming for a balanced lifestyle. It can be tough to fit everything into your life that is important to you, but it’s important. Fitness shouldn’t take over your entire life unless you’re planning on being an Olympic athlete. Make sure you still do things you enjoy, such as eating out with friends and family, and skipping the gym to catch up on reading if you want to. Many people on Instagram will tell you that you have to go to the gym even when you don’t feel like it or when things get hard, but it’s important to do what will make you most happy, too.

Look At Yourself As A Whole – Stop Focusing on Your Perceived Flaws

When people look at us, they often see us as a whole. When we look at ourselves, we tend to zone in on the things we don’t like about ourselves, being hypercritical. We are our own worst critics. Do your best to look at yourself as a whole rather than focusing on your flaws. By simply standing up straight, smiling, and wearing clothes you love, you’ll instantly look more confident and feel it too.

Focus On Self Love Regularly

Self love isn’t just eating nutrient dense food and working out. It’s taking a hot bath, applying your favourite moisturiser, putting on a face mask, making sure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep a night, and taking care of yourself in general. You know what’s in your best interests, so don’t neglect them.

Remember – You Won’t Be ‘Happy’ Once You Reach Your Goals

Lots of people want to wait until they have their summer body to start living their lives. They think as soon as they have their summer body they’ll wear the clothes they love, go the places they’ve been dying to visit, and just begin living in general. No! Life is happening right now before your eyes. You won’t automatically be ‘happy’ once you reach your goals. Many problems will remain – you might feel a little more confident, you might feel healthier, which is great, but your life won’t be transformed. Bear this in mind when you start feeling like reaching this goal is the be all and end all.

Don’t wait until a future date or event to do anything you want to do. Buy the Mizuno shoes now, wear that outfit you love now, go to a foreign country now. You’ll regret it if you don’t!


Hopefully, this post has opened your eyes a little as to why aiming for a summer body is unhealthy and what you can do instead. Don’t fall into the same trap as a lot of people or feel pressured. Take care of yourself out of self love, do it year round in a way that is balanced and sustainable for you, and enjoy it. You’ll feel so much better!

5 Group Sports To Keep You Fit

Keeping fit is an important part of all our lives but sometimes we struggle to get the motivation. One of the best ways to help get the motivation to exercise is to do it with other people. There are loads of group exercises you can do to keep fit and healthy you could also enjoy a little healthy competition while you’re at it. Have a look below at some of the group sports you could get involved with to keep you fit.


Tennis is a great small group sport. You can play from as little as two people and add other pairs into the equation. You can often hire equipment and courts which are indoor and outdoor at your local sports centre for a reasonable price making this a low-cost sport to become involved with. Why not try playing as couples and having a few matches against other couples.


A lot of people will remember netball from been at school and probably still have that favourite position that they like to play in. This doesn’t have to be a distant memory though, netball is a fantastic team sport where you can keep up your fitness and have fun at the same time. You can even get custom made kits and a Custom Designed Umpire Netball Polo for your team to wear if you want to compete.


When thinking about group sports this has to be one of the top choices that people instantly think of. With it been so widely publicised and even in the gossip media pretty much everyone knows a little about the sport. You can play as just a kick about at the park, as a small 5 a side mess around, a small team that competes with other local teams or maybe even as a full team that has kits and supporters.


Again this is probably one that some of you will remember fondly from school. You can play with small teams or just a group of family and friends having fun at the beach. Either way, rounders is a fairly simple sport to learn and can be extremely fun especially if you’re having a mess around while on the beach for the day. This makes rounders a good family sport as well as one for competitive reasons and it will help to keep you fit and healthy without you even knowing it.


Rugby is as well known as football although you probably don’t get as much gossip media reporting on the player’s lives. It is quite a combatted sport as if you have the ball then you become the target for the opposite team to get this from you, they are even allowed to knock you to the ground. Saying that you shouldn’t let it put you off, if you’re looking to do some hard work to keep fit then this will be the one for you. You can even play a calmer version that’s a family-friendly with flags when you have to grab the flag from the other team and return it to the goal.

Do you have any other group sports to keep you fit that should be on this list? Please share them in the comments section below.

Essential Do’s And Don’ts For Fitness Beginners


For too long, you have sat in your armchair watching people run past your window, Fitbits on their arms and sweat dripping down their foreheads. For too long, you have been ignoring your health, knowing the benefits of exercise, but doing very little to achieve them. It’s time to say so long to ‘far too long,’ and get into the fitness habit. But before you do, and especially if you are a fitness beginner, there are some essential do’s and don’ts you need to adhere to.

Consider the following as useful examples.

DO ensure you are physically ready. While we wholeheartedly recommend exercise, you don’t want to jump into anything if you are not healthy enough to start. If you have any prevailing health conditions, or if your body is proportionately out of shape, go and see your doctor, tell him you want to get into a fitness programme and ask him for his opinion. He should give you advice on further fitness do’s and don’ts in relation to your physical readiness, so listen to what he has to say, and follow his instructions to ensure you don’t come to any harm when exercising.

DON’T run before you can walk. Don’t lift 50 lb weights before you have tried something a little smaller. And don’t cycle 10 miles before doing 5. In short, we are telling you to pace yourself. If you push yourself too hard at the beginning, not only are you more likely to give up early due to exhaustion, but you might also do yourself an injury. Know your limits, start small, and track your progress, exercising in stages instead of doing something unrealistic for your strength and fitness levels.

DO choose an exercise you are going to enjoy. Think back to your gym classes at school and the sports you enjoyed as a child. What activities did you enjoy? And which activities did you hate? Remember, when it comes to your fitness routine, despite the word ‘routine,’ it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you pick activities that don’t appeal to you, no matter how many other people you see benefitting from them, you are bound to give up at an early stage. So, think about the things you might enjoy. There are a whole range of activities for you to take part in, be that something you do primarily on your own, such as walking, running, and swimming, to more sociable activities such as tennis, squash, and basketball. Give something new a go by all means, but if you have enjoyed something previously, consider returning to that activity when you’re thinking about keeping fit.

DON’T forget your pre-workout routine. While your main activity is the crux of your fitness routine, it is your time pre-workout that can make or break your time in the gym or out on the field. So, no matter what activity you are involved in, ensure you prepare yourself before going out. This starts with getting enough sleep, as you won’t feel energised when you’re working out, otherwise. You should also have something nutritious to eat and drink, as you need to fuel your body for the workout you are embarking on. Opt for something high in protein, such as a banana or a protein shake, and consider these cheap pre-workout supplements to give you an extra burst of energy. And then remember to warm up your body. If you don’t limber up first, you might injure yourself later on, so use these warm-up exercises as examples. By adhering to these pre-workout tips, you should perform better within your fitness routine.

DO buddy up with somebody. If you have friends or family members looking to get into shape, ask them to buddy up with you. Find an exercise you can both enjoy, and then benefit from the motivation and sense of camaraderie that you can offer each other. You will be less likely to give up early due to boredom or distractions this way, and it might also amp up the fun factor for you, especially if you are a bit of a social butterfly. Of course, if your workout buddy hinders rather than benefits your fitness routine, you should explain the problem to them, and continue alone or with a new buddy if necessary.


DON’T forget to hydrate yourself. You will be losing a lot of sweat when exercising, so you do need to keep yourself topped up with water. Bring a water bottle with you, and look for a place to fill it up when your water runs out. If you don’t drink sufficient water, you will dehydrate, and this can cause you to cramp up, feel tired, and even faint. Hydrating is important before, during, and after your workout, so follow this guide to find out how much water is necessary for you, taking into account the varying factors within the article to determine how much H20 you should be drinking.

DO consult the experts. As a fitness beginner, there is no harm in asking for help. So, if you are going to the gym, for example, work with a trainer to help you make the most of your workout. Or if you are considering running as an exercise, hire a fitness coach to work with you. Of course, if you know anybody within your social circle or family group who is adept at fitness, curb the expense of an outside professional, and ask those closest to you for support. In all cases, however, check their credentials so you know you are getting the best and the right advice.

DON’T give up. It can be easy to give up on exercise. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, or if you aren’t in the right mood to slip your fitness outfit on, you can easily get out of the fitness habit. If this happens often, you might struggle to get started again, and all of your hard work previously will have been for naught. There are lots of motivating tips here, so if you ever do feel like giving up, refer to the ideas in the linked article to spur you onwards.

Thanks for reading!