5 Exotic Places To Visit At Least Once!

The world is a fantastic place. There are things to do, things to see and plenty of options for travel. There are mountains and beaches, rivers and forests to discover. Wanderlust is a terrible thing, sometimes. It seems to hit when you’re in the office and unable to book a flight to anywhere, but it’s a great way to research where you want to be in the world and start daydreaming about the new places you could go. 


When you think of the next place you want to visit, it’s going to depend on your personality as to whether you go to a city or the beach, a remote island or an inland rainforest. Just like Father Christmas, you need to make a list, check it twice, and drool a little before you work out your finances and how you plan to get to your next destination. Whether you want to head to exotic islands that host some of the best locations on bucket lists around the world, or you have plans to trek through the Galapagos, you need a plan in place. With the right planning, those far-flung places you’re so in love with are not so far-flung: they’re right on your doorstep and within your reach. 


With this in mind, let’s check out five amazing, exotic places that you must visit at least once in life.

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  • Bali

Surely, this one needs no explanation? Buried in the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is a must-see destination. You will find everything here, from a fascinating culture to a vast range of attractions to enjoy. Swim, sunbathe and surf your way around here, but add in some diving and snorkelling, too. If you’re interested in history, then the Uluwatu Temple is somewhere to add to your list. You should also make sure that you set your alarm for sunrise at Mount Batur, a sacred spot on the island that all should visit. With the vast range of yoga retreats and the chance to see the Kecak Fire Dance, there is plenty to do and see that everyone can appreciate.


  • Bora Bora

Sticking with that luxury island theme, we have Bora Bora with its fantastic food, beautiful lagoons and exciting scuba diving scene. You will find a lot to do in the inland region of Bora Bora, with amazing bungalows, places to snorkel and dive and hiking trails for those who like to be a little more active. Pack up some of the local cuisines for a visit to some of the best picnic spots on the island, and make sure that you snap a picture while you do it. 


  • Nepal

Whether the Everest base camp walks are your goal, or you want to book onto the Best Nepal tours in 2020, you have a lot to see this year. Get up close and personal with the rhinos and tigers, and explore the beauty of Kathmandu. The mountains, the people, the food and the reverence of this beautiful place means that it’s got a spot on your exotic list for this year. Bring the camera with you – there is so much to capture you just wouldn’t believe it!


  • Saint Lucia

People hear of Saint Lucia and think about the beaches first, and they would be right to think of them. The tropical weather, the luxury landscapes and the twin volcanoes towering over the background all make for one stunning place to visit. There are waterfalls and hot springs to die for, and this is a place you have to head to at least once to know what it means to be somewhere truly exotic. Saint Lucia is so close to the rest of the Caribbean, so why not include it on your next break?


  • Fiji

A popular place to visit if you’re a native to New Zealand or Australia, Fiji is very well known for being an excellent option for families. There are coral reefs to scuba dive to and see, and there’s a whole world beneath the ocean that is waiting for your discovery. Don’t miss out on the Thurston Gardens or the many national parks, including Sigatoka Sand Dunes. Get involved with the locals and get to know the community, and you will find Fiji to be one of the most immersive places you could ever hope to experience.


Stop with the wanderlust and book yourself a flight to any of these five fantastic places. Don’t forget to do your research first, though. You want to make this the trip of a lifetime.

Crucial Skills You Will Need Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can be a great adventure. It can also be challenging at times because you are not only out of your comfort zone, but also not in control of things that are happening around you. The good news is that there are some particular skills that can help you when travelling alone. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Organisation & time management 

Being organised and able to manage your time is essential when travelling alone. After all, you won’t have anyone nagging you to get ready to leave or go from place to place. You won’t have anyone to remind you of all the essential things you need to do either. Something that means you have to take responsibility for all of this yourself. 

One way that you can do this is to invest in a smartwatch. One that allows you to program in reminders and set timers for things. Then even if you get engrossed in what you are doing, you can set the alarm to make sure you leave with enough time to get your bus, plane, or train. 

Additionally creating a packing list can help you stay nice and organised while on the road. After all, it’s not just the initial packing of your bag, you need to get right, but each and every time you pack up your stuff and move on as well. Something that you can be sure of if you tick each item off a list as you go. 

Assertiveness and confidence

Confidence is a big boon when travelling alone. In fact, it can help you to feel less vulnerable in unfamiliar places, and make friends and connections as you tour the world. 

Don’t worry if you’re not the naturally confident type though because there are skills you can learn that will help. 

One of these is learning how to communicate assertively. That is being clear about what you want, and being clear about your expectations and boundaries. In fact, by learning to be more assertive, you can much more easily negotiate encounters with those in other cultures while travelling. Ones where the social norms may not be the same as yours, and so could be problematic if not dealt with correctly. 

Resilience and adaptability 

OK, so these two are sometimes seen as qualities as well as skills. Yet there are certainly things that you can do to boost your performance in these areas. The first is to have a good grasp on yourself and your own limits. That is what you need to be at your optimum, such as the amount of sleep, contact with friends and family, time alone etc. 

In fact, by knowing this, you can plan your trip around these factors. Something that means your emotional tank will be full, even if you do come across a challenge or two. 

Additionally, you may wish to consider a wellness practice such as mindfulness or meditation. These can be particularly helpful in boosting resilience because the focus is on accepting the current moment as it is (warts and all) while knowing that eventually, it will change. An attitude that can be partially effective if you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar spot or if you have the misfortune to miss an important connection during your travels. 

Departing You: Learning To Be Happy When Travelling By Yourself


There is a major trend right at the moment of solo travelling. For a lot of people, it’s never been so appealing. The great thing about travelling alone now is that we don’t really feel alone because we’re on social media, but it’s the only opportunity for us to get back in touch with us. Learning who we are by travelling on our own can be met with a few raised eyebrows. But whether you are just travelling down the road or going further afield or have just been thinking about trying it let’s show you how it can totally reinvigorate you.


You Get To Do What You Want

The great thing about travelling by yourself is that you don’t have to share anything with anyone. If you’ve been looking for the best cruise holiday deals, but you’ve had to share the date with someone else you don’t have to do anything for anyone apart from yourself. The great thing about doing what you want is that if it feels good, why don’t you do it? And if you have the finances, your options are endless. You could go on a cruise, or you could book a yacht. If you’ve been harbouring dreams of travelling across the horizon or by a coastline think about the sensations it will bring! If you were with someone else you’d probably think twice. But if you want to explore another country, it gives you the opportunity to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. It gives you the chance to be who you want when you want.


It Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When we go on holiday, we can tend to rely on others. This means that we don’t necessarily expand our own resilience. When we start to learn the act of travelling by ourselves, it can mean that we end up being stressful situations sometimes. But the great thing about these situations is that when we learn how to handle them, we have skills that will see it through to other areas of our lives. It can be incredibly stressful stepping outside of your comfort zone regardless of where you are in the world. You may be in the same country or on the other side of the world, but this is where you can do adequate preparation. If you are going to another country and you don’t speak the language learning a little bit of the lingo will be crucial. Going into another country is going to expand your comfort zone automatically, but what you want to make sure that you do have the opportunity to get by without too much stress.


It Gives You The Opportunity To Appreciate The Small Things

Wherever you are in the world, be it Cornwall or Australia, people have idiosyncrasies that translate to every country. When we go on holiday, we don’t tend to notice the small things. But by going somewhere ourselves, we can learn to appreciate the little things. It also gives us the chance to be in the moment. If we are always on the go, especially as a tourist, we may not have that opportunity to slow down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be doing something grandiose; it could be just sitting down in a cafe and watching people go by. Learning to appreciate the small things is a way to calm yourself.


You Get To Understand What You Want

Travelling for many people is like a meditation. And while going from country to country can throw you into stressful situations, it can make you acquire a zen mindset. It gives you the opportunity to realise what is truly important in your life. Travelling is one of the best ways to achieve mindfulness. Because you are stepping away from your regular life if and doing this by yourself, it gives you the opportunity to strip away the things that you think are important and truly focus on what you need. 


Travelling by ourselves or something that we should all do. It’s a great way to expand our comfort zone, go somewhere new, but it also helps to reinvigorate our spirit. Travelling is a fantastic cure-all. And many people feel that going by themselves even to the cinema is a big no-no. Learning to be happy by yourself is crucial, and when you go travelling you may not necessarily seek out stressful situations, but being on your own can make you realise just what you’re capable of. But it’s something that we should all try at least once! 

Wave Goodbye to Bad Habits


Bad habits, even when they are something fairly minor like biting your nails, can hinder your life. They can make you less healthy and less able to achieve your goals, and that means that sooner or later they will have to go.


Of course, breaking bad habits can be hard. So many people try and so many people fail, but you don’t have to be one of them! Check out these very effective techniques and wave goodbye to your bad habits for good…


Acknowledge It


It’s not very likely you’ll successfully stop biting your nails or overcome your pornography addiction if you don’t even acknowledge that is has become a bad habit for you. So, start today by paying close attention to your habits, noticing when you indulge in bad habits and what triggers you to do so. Then, you can use that information to help you stop.


Get to Know Your Triggers


Most of us have a trigger moment, something that causes us to start smoking, to binge on junk food or to start picking our skin. The trigger can be anything from stress and boredom to seeing a particular person. The key to breaking bad habits is to get to know these triggers and to look out for them. That way, you can remove yourself from the trigger situation and hopefully, this will be enough to stop you from doing whatever it is that you don’t want to do anymore.


Do Something Good Instead


Replacing a bad habit with a good habit can be a very effective way to wave goodbye to bad habits once and for all. When you’re trying to give something up, you often have a lot of nervous energy; a lot of urges to do something when that trigger moment hits, and quite often you will succumb to it. One way to stop yourself from succumbing is to replace your negative habit with a good one instead. For example, instead of lighting up a cigarette, eat a healthy snack or chew some gum or instead of binging because you’re bored, go for a walk or read a good book. Do something to distract yourself that will be good for you and your life will be transformed.


Be Realistic


Breaking your bad habits may be good for your health and wellbeing, but you need to be realistic. Most people cannot decide to give up and do just that without ever slipping. There will be times when you fail, the key is to recognize that now so you don’t throw in the towel at the first hurdle.


Treat Yourself with Kindness


Be Kind. Why? Because if you beat yourself up about your habit and how hard it is to break it, chances are it will cause stress and depression and that will probably trigger you to go back to your old ways again. Don’t talk negatively to yourself, but frame everything in as positive a light as you can and you’ll get there in the end.


Good luck, you can do it!


4 Reasons To Holiday In The UK This Year

For many people, a true “holiday” is one that takes place away from the UK – and there’s no doubt that there are countless wonders to be experienced across the globe. Whether it’s a city break to Paris, a long weekend in the south of France, or a two-week sightseeing extravaganza in Egypt, travellers can be assured of an incredible time as they leave old Blighty behind for the duration of their trip. 


However, there’s something to be said for holidaying here in the UK as well, and below, we’ve highlighted four particularly persuasive reasons you might want to give the idea a try… 


Reason #1: Affordability 


As soon as you remove flights from the equation, holidays become significantly more affordable. As a result, choosing to holiday in the UK means that the funds you save by following money saving tips in 2020 will go far further than they would if travelling further afield, which can mean one of three possibilities: a) you are able to take more holidays, b) the holidays you do take are more luxurious or c) you can stay on holiday for longer. 


Reason #2: Amazing natural sites 

Pixabay (CC0 Licence)
Pixabay (CC0 Licence)

The UK is home to some of the most incredible natural sites in the world; ranging from the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (pictured above) to the waterfalls in Wales. Whether you’re interested in mountainous terrain, beautiful beaches, lush rolling green hills, or rugged moor landscapes, there’s a place in the UK that is sure to provide a stunning experience should you choose to visit.


Reason #3: Convenience 


Travelling across the globe is undoubtedly an amazing experience, but the sheer size of the planet does subtract time from your holiday that has to be dedicated to travel. Travelling in the UK, in contrast, is far more convenient thanks to the relatively small size of the country. There’s also no need to worry about jet lag, having to change money, or getting to grips with a language you’re unfamiliar with; instead, you can simply arrive and start to enjoy your holiday as soon as possible. 


Reason #4: Incredible range of cities 


Given that all of the cities in the UK are technically in the same country, it would be fairly reasonable to expect a certain uniformity between them – but this is far from the case. If you’re a fan of city breaks, then the UK offers an incredible array of options: from the vibrancy of London, to the quaintness and rich history found in Winchester (Winchester cathedral pictured above), to the nightlife of Manchester, to the art and culture available in Edinburgh, to the stunning architecture of York – you’ll find something different whichever city you choose to visit. 


In conclusion


Travelling outside of the UK undoubtedly has its delights, but staying closer to home and exploring the wonders of the UK has – as we have highlighted above – numerous benefits, both in terms of practicality and the type of experiences you are able to enjoy. Why not give a UK holiday or two a try this year and experience the wonders for yourself?