How To Spend a Day Playing Tourist in London

When you live in the UK and live relatively close to London, then spending just a day there can be a good way to spend a day. Yes, it might not seem like it is very long, but there are some absolute gems that you will be able to fit in on just a one-day trip. So if this sounds like you, then why not plan a trip to play tourist in the city close by to you? This guide is all about what to in London on just one day, to make sure that you’re able to make the most of it all.  

  • The Tower of London: London is full of history, so why not start your day over at The Tower of London? You can learn all about the real ‘horrible histories’ that went on there back in the day, as well as see traditional guards and the crown jewels. You will want to have at least a couple of hours here. Plus, as you’re in the area, a quick stroll by the river and down to Tower Bridge is a must as well. 
  • The South Bank and London Eye: Once you’ve found yourself at Tower Bridge, if you head across it, you can find yourself at the South Bank, which is a fun and busy part of London with lots going on. You can see HMS Belfast, the quirky City Hall building, as well as making your way near to The Shard and the London Eye. You’ll need about an hour to go on it (and to book in advance), but you could just get some photos nearby and looking across the river at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
  • The Houses of Parliament: speaking of which, after being at the London eye, ride or not, why not pop over to the Houses of Parliament rather than just view them from across the river? This is one attraction that is pretty easy to see from the outside, but it is a little-known fact that you can drop inside if you want to, and have a guided tour.
  • Food: It’s not all walking around and sight-seeing in London, you know. When you’re in London, you have so much choice for food, from an Indian restaurant to a typical British pub. You can get all kinds of cuisines and street-food in the melting pot that is London. A quick pit-stop for lunch and dinner is a must.
  • Buckingham Palace: not too far from the Houses of Parliament, you will find Buckingham Palace. Royalist or not, it is a sight to behold. During the summer months you can pay to go inside, as well as explore the areas around it like Green Park, St James’s Park, The Mall, and the nearby Trafalgar Square, home to Nelson’s column.
  • Covent Garden: From Buckingham Palace you could walk up the Mall, or go back towards Westminster Abbey. There are street performers in Covent Garden, as well as some great shopping. You could even try your luck for some last minute west end tickets a couple of yards away in Leicester Square, then that’s your evening sorted.

Five Unique Fitness Classes To Try Out

Fitness is not enjoyed by everyone, and although some do enjoy it, there can be many of us who struggle to find the fun in working out. However, there are plenty of unique fitness classes that you might not have tried out yet. Here are five unique fitness classes that are worth giving a go.

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Kung Fu or JujutsuKung Fu refers to Chinese martial arts, and you may have heard of it before but never tried it. This is a skill that needs to be disciplined and is referred to as a study or practice. Jujutsu is a similar form of martial arts and can be built up, which is recognized by the various colored belts that you can earn along the way. It’s a great contact class, so is definitely worth doing if you enjoy throwing others around and on the floor! If you really want to embrace the martial arts, then a trip to Kung Fu academy in China is certainly worth it for the experience

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is certainly one fitness class that has become very popular because it combines an already popular fitness class of yoga with a more exciting sport which is aerial work. It can be a great body burner overall and is great for weight loss. It usually works by hanging a hammock or yoga swing from the ceiling and helps promote alignment and flexibility.

Play School Games

When we were all young, we loved playing school games, and we had so much energy. However, these school games were not only fun, but they actually helped keep our bodies fit and healthy. If you tried playing these same games now, they’d likely be a lot more difficult than first experienced. There’s likely to be classes out there that offer school sports for adults, so do a bit of digging!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is something that has a somewhat viewpoint attached to it but now that more places have created pole dancing classes for fitness. It’s certainly become more accepted within society, and that’s great. You can gain so much flexibility through pole dancing, and it requires a lot of strength, especially in the upper arms. It can also build up muscle, so it’s great for those who want to build more muscle as opposed to losing weight.

Trampoline Fitness

Trampolining is certainly something that loses its fun after a few bounces, but someone had the bright idea to turn trampolines into a form of fitness. There’s now plenty of classes where you’ll do full workouts all while bouncing on a trampoline. You need a lot more balance and tension on the body, which can all goes towards toning the body and making it stronger. It’s an all body workout and definitely worth giving a go.

So there are five unique fitness classes to try out. Why not give them a go and see if you end up finding something that you fall in love with? It could end up being something you incorporate in your routine for a long time.

3 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship

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Our relationships with our romantic partners are some of the most important facets of our lives, and will inevitably play a major role in our overall sense of well-being, connection, and life-satisfaction.

When everything is going well in our relationships, the world seems like a bright and wonderful place, and there’s little – if anything – that seems to be beyond our reach.

But, as with all things in life, relationships take plenty of work and dedication, and even the closest couples can butt heads from time to time, and experience certain issues and conflicts.

If you feel like it would be a good idea to go the extra mile in strengthening your relationship, here are a few suggestions that might be useful. 

Commit to a policy of total honesty

It’s been said many times that all strong relationships have to be based on honesty – but often, we don’t take this message to heart half as seriously as we should.

In a relationship, there are no such things as “white lies.” Any time you fail to be honest with your partner, you undermine the trust, closeness, and integrity of your relationship in ways both subtle and serious.

Commit to a policy of total honesty, and it can be remarkable just how positive the effect is.

Of course, it’s important to remember that total honesty doesn’t mean “needless cruelty,” or “saying the first thing that pops into your head.”

If your partner asks “does this outfit look good on me?” And you don’t think it does, don’t say “you look awful” – instead, say something like “I think this other thing would suit you better.”

A policy of total honesty can allow you to avoid many potential issues, long before they develop.

Consider therapy and counselling sessions

If there are certain recurrent, and serious sources of tension or unease in your relationship, it may be a good idea to consult with an expert counsellor, or therapist, in order to get a different perspective on things.

Many different types of relationship-focused counselling and therapy exist, ranging from sex therapy sessions, to sessions designed to help enhance your communication skills.

You don’t have to just accept whatever a counsellor or therapist tells you – but if you’re struggling to come up with answers and solutions on your own, this sort of outsider’s perspective might be quite helpful.

Make a real effort and commitment to actually spend time together, on a regular basis

For a relationship stay strong and healthy, it is simply essential that you and your partner make a real effort and commitment to actually spend time together, on a regular basis.

A relationship isn’t just a static state that you exist in. It’s an ongoing process of bonding with a person, forging new experiences and memories with them, confiding in them, and learning more about them, over the years.

A major reason why long-distance relationships so often come to grief, is that they don’t allow for enough direct face-to-face, in-person time together.
Maybe you’re busy at work, or distracted by various other obligations in your life. Still, it’s important that you set aside some precious minutes to relax with your loved one, go out together, and share jokes and stories, when you can.

No Time To Visit the Doctor?

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Many of us put off going to the doctors because we don’t have the time. Doctors surgeries tend to be open from 8 until 6 when many of us are at work or school. Booking an appointment can also be difficult – many doctors surgeries require you to be on the phone from 8am if you want to get an appointment for the day.

Not having the time to go to the doctors can be dangerous and it could prevent you getting the treatment you need. A small health issue could eventually turn into something more serious. For this reason, it’s important that you get the check-up you need.

Fortunately, there are now many ways to visit a doctor even if you lead a busy live. Here are just a few ways to get the appointment you need.

Call up 111

111 is an NHS phone service for non-emergency medical problems. It allows you to talk to medical professional and get advice over the phone. If your health issue sounds like it may need urgent medical attention, you may be able to get a fast-tracked doctor’s appointment or an appointment at an out of hours clinic. 111 is free to call and is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Order prescriptions online

Need to pick up a prescription? Certain medication is available online to buy and get delivered. You can get a consultation with a doctor online and then have the medication ordered to you, saving you a trip to the doctor’s and the pharmacy.  

Go private

Another solution to getting medical treatment in your own time is to go private. You can book an appointment at any time and won’t have to go on any waiting list. Some private health services may even allow you to send out a doctor to your location – so if you’re busy at work but need to get a health problem checked out, you can do so without taking time off work. A drawback to private healthcare is the cost. If you think you’re going to use it regularly, you may want to invest in health insurance. Some companies may provide free health insurance to employees, which is worth taking advantage of.

Prioritise your health

None of these solutions work for you? It could be time to prioritise your health.

Whilst many of us do lead busy lives, our health should come first. Most employers will be understanding if you need to take time off to see a doctor. If you’ve got kids to look after and can’t take them with you, you could always get someone to babysit. Whilst these other commitments may be important to you, you won’t be able to handle these commitments if you’re not looking after your health.

Make sure that you’re also not putting off a doctor’s visit for other reasons. This could include being too embarrassed, being afraid of needles, being afraid of being around people that are sick or simply not trusting doctors. If you don’t like your current doctor, you can always ask to see someone else and you don’t have to accept any treatment (there may be alternatives to an injection or blood test).

The Finishing Touches That Every Wedding Needs

While you are in the throes of planning your nuptials, you might be thinking about the big things: the venue, the dress, the honeymoon and the food. There are plenty of smaller aspects to your big day that shouldn’t be overlooked to make sure that your wedding day is as perfect as you can make it. It’s always a good idea to sit down with your other half or your maid of honour and share your detailed plans. You never know, they may be the ones to tell you that you’ve overlooked the flowers! Take a look at these smaller finishing touches that every wedding needs.

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As you begin your wedding plans, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the importance of your wedding invitations. Wedding invites from Pure Invitation are unique in that they allow you to choose from an array of designs and colours which you can then purchase DIY style saving you money and allowing you to get a it more hands on with your big day. Wedding invitations range from the formal to the handwritten, and from the vintage to the ultra modern and sleek. You need to decide which style suits you as a couple and fits into the ethos of your big day. If you’re getting married in an arthouse cinema, perhaps a monochrome art deco look will suit.

The Cake

Wedding cakes used to be traditional affairs of three tiers, heavy fruit cakes, covered in thick marzipan with the bride and groom standing on the top tier and made from sugar fondant. Not many people enjoyed eating the cake and they cost a small fortune. Instead, why not consider a more modern cake? Consider what you love to do as a couple and get a cake to match. If you’re getting married on a beach, have a beach hut wedding cake. If you are into the outdoors, why not go for a three tier sugar lace leaf laden cake? The possibilities are endless, and with the array of baking shows on TV, there is fierce competition for your business. You could go for a decadent red velvet sponge, a salted caramel frangipane or a triple chocolate torte. The choice is yours.

The Music

Every guest has to linger at a wedding at some point. This might be because they are waiting to be seated for the wedding breakfast or because they are loitering around waiting to be called for the formal photographs. While this is unavoidable, you can make it more pleasant by keeping the music rolling throughout your day. Create a playlist of songs that mean a lot to you as a couple and play it throughout the day. This will add a touch more ambience to those less organised moments and will prevent the awkward silences while people are waiting.

Wedding Favours

Don’t overlook the little gifts that you’ll be giving your page boys, ushers, and bridesmaids. While some jewellery or cufflinks was once the order of the day, nowadays you can go for something a little more unique. How about personalised Harry Potter potions for the youngsters or gin experiences for those of age?

You want your wedding day to go without a hitch. Don’t neglect the little details and ensure that your finishing touches aren’t overlooked.