4 Ways to Escape Your Comfort Zone Every Day


It’s always easier to take the safe option in life. Ordering the foods you know you like, sticking close to your friends at parties, and avoiding confrontation at all costs. There’s a reason it’s called your comfort zone. Because it’s comfortable when you stay there and the idea of breaking out of it can be incredibly unappealing.

But making the effort to escape this comfort zone is one of the most rewarding things you can do. By avoiding discomfort and fear, you are limiting yourself in almost every area of your life. You inhibit your career opportunities, social circle, and personal abilities. By facing the fear and venturing outside of your safe boundaries, you will make new experiences and fantastic memories, putting yourself on the path to living the best life you possibly can.

If you want to escape your safe, warm cocoon but don’t know how to begin, here are four ways that you can break out of your comfort zone every single day.

Learn new things

Is there a subject you know everything about? That you could talk about for hours without stopping? You might think you are knowledgeable, but compared with the entirety of human knowledge and the history of the universe, you actually know very little. Expanding your knowledge is one of the simplest ways to break out of your comfort zone. Start by reading new things. Try occasionally reading news articles from sites with a different political slant, or reading books about subjects you know absolutely nothing about. Whether it’s the French Revolution, Forex Trading, or genetics, there is no downside to learning new things.

Talk to strangers

One of the most effective ways to open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences is to meet new people. Once you get to a certain age, most people tend to stick with their friends and make little effort to expand their social circle. And this can be extremely limiting. Chat with strangers in the supermarket or make an effort to meet new people at parties. You will have memorable experiences, make new friends, and improve your social skills as a result.

Take a new route

If you always take the same route to work or school, try and mix it up a bit. Opting for a scenic detour will make you appreciate your journey more, and you will see new things and expand your view of the world. You could even increase this effect by taking different modes of transport for a change. Instead of taking the bus to work, try running, walking, or cycling.

Say yes to everything

Set yourself the goal to say yes to every opportunity that comes up, even if you’re feeling too tired or lazy. Whether it’s a night out with friends, a work event, or signing up for a running race, you are actively forcing yourself to engage in new experiences and doing things you would normally avoid. Nothing interesting ever came from staying at home. Obviously don’t feel pressured to say yes if it’s something dangerous or ill-advised.

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