Common Fashion Mistakes People Make..And How to Fix Them

We all want to look out best, but that doesn’t always happen, does it? While there are some mornings when we jump out of bed, throw on any old clothes, and still manage to look amazing, there are other days when we’re just a little less than happy with what we see in the mirror. But good news: it’s not you! You’re probably just making a few simple fashion mistakes that can easily be corrected. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the common errors, and offer advice on how you can make them a thing of the past. 

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Hanging On To Clothes


Clothes don’t last forever. While they may have looked amazing when you first bought them, there’ll come a point when the colours begin to fade, and they gain other imperfections. At that point, you have two options: you can keep wearing them and decrease the quality of your outfit, or you can retire them. Take the latter. They may be comfortable, and they may have been a “go-to” option for a long time, but you’ll be committing a big fashion error if you don’t transition them from “public wear” to “home wear.” 


No Investment


There’s no shortage of cheap clothes around. Indeed, some items are incredibly cheap — there are dresses you can buy for less than a fiver, after all. But there’s a hidden cost to these cheap clothes, and we don’t just mean the environmental impact. They’re low-quality! And whether we like it or not, the quality always makes a difference. So instead of forever being drawn to the cheapest item on the rack, look at making an investment. Your outfits will look a lot better if you have a well-made garment. Plus, this approach can actually save you money, since the clothes will last longer. 


Improve Your Accessories


Your clothes will do a lot of the work, but they’re not going to do all the work related to your appearance. Accessories also have their role to play. Indeed, they’re an excellent way to easily give your outfit a boost. So take a look at the accessories section of your wardrobe: are they all that they could be? If not, then look at investing in new items for both the winter and summer months. Glasses aren’t accessories exactly (since they’re essential), but they can be used to improve your style. Rather than choosing whatever’s most functional, take a look at and get a stylish pair. You’ll find that having a trendy pair of glasses greatly improves your overall style, almost instantly. 


Buying For Their Body Shape


When it comes to buying clothes, it’s important that you’re buying threads that are suitable for your body shape. It really doesn’t matter what shape you are; it’s always possible to look fantastic! But this will be made much easier if you know your body type and can buy the appropriate clothing. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s not realistic to think that every item of clothing will be suitable for everyone. They won’t be. If you ever try something on and think that it looks awkward, then remember this: it’s not you, it’s the clothing.


Finding Their Style


You can go through an entire life just by wearing whatever clothes you feel like wearing, but it can be worthwhile to take a little time to find your sense of style. Not only will you look better, but it’ll also make buying clothes all the more straightforward, since you’ll know what kind of style you’re trying to present. This will be a process, of course, and you might have to be a little daring in the early days, but you’ll get there eventually.


Following the Trends 


You can follow the trends and always look good, but remember that you don’t always have to follow the trend. You can always look to the classics, the items, and styles that never go out of fashion. It’s recommended to have those ‘must-have’ items in your wardrobe, including a great winter coat, boots, little black dress, and so on. It’s a bit like music — you can listen to what’s on the radio all day and have a good grasp of music, but there are also plenty of classic bands and songs that will always sound good! 


Clothes Maintenance


But if you’re going to invest in high-quality items, be sure to take good care of them. This is often as simple as just reading the label and making sure that you’re washing and storing them the correct way. This won’t just help them to retain their colour and overall quality; it’ll help to retain the shape too. 

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You can mostly wear any items at any age, but it’s a good idea to generally dress appropriately for your age. Your style might have been on point when you were 21, but you won’t be able to wear the same items when you’re, say, 30. 


Hair and Makeup


Your hair and makeup aren’t directly related to your fashion credentials, but they’re definitely related. Indeed, you can help your outfit to make a more powerful punch by ensuring that your hair and makeup are perfect. If you’re looking to make a splash at an event, or you just want to mix things up, take a look at visiting the best salon in your area. You might have to spend a little more than normal, but you’ll find that it’s well worth the extra money that you pay!


Off the Rack 


It’s normal that we would have a pretty straightforward relationship with the clothes we were. There’s a system in place: we need something, we visit the store, we buy. Yet while this is the easiest way to fill your wardrobe, it’s not the only option available to you. One way to liven up your style is to look at adding unique clothes to your outfit roster. For example, you could make DIY clothing. This is actually a lot easier than most people realise — anyone can do it. If you’ve got an item of clothing that’s past its best, take a look at some clothing DIY hacks, and see if there’s something you can do to bring it back to life. If you really don’t trust yourself to make a nice item of clothing, look elsewhere. There are independent clothes makers who make pieces unlike anything you’ll find in the store; but even if they’re similar, they’re at least unique. 


Colour Coordination 


Finally, let’s think about colour coordination. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how nice an item of clothing is; if it’s paired with an item with a clashing colour, then it’s going to look odd. One of the best tips we can give those people looking to improve their sense of style is to take a look at which colours work well together, and which don’t. Just like that, you’ll know which of your items of clothing you own can be worn together. Of course, it’s worth remembering that this isn’t an absolute rule — and in any case, rules are made to be broken. But you have to know them first! Once you’ve got your style game down, you can be a little more playful and daring and mess around with colours.




And there we have it! You’ll find that many people make these fashion mistakes; indeed, that’s why they’re common. But by simply being aware of them, you can remove them from your life — you’ll look better in no time. 


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