Planning A Great Stag Do At Home


A stag do is an important part of a guys life; and when planning a wedding it is important to take some time and effort planning a party for the end of life as a single man. 


Today we want to talk about how you can create an amazing stag party even in hard times like this. Most of us are stuck at home in lockdown at the moment, and it means that the traditional pub crawl has gone out to the window. But you can still plan a great party and celebrate your friend this summer at home. Now that people are allowed to gather outdoors, here are some of the things you can do to create an awesome party for the groom this summer. 


Stock up on booze 


Let’s face it: the most important part of a stag do is the drink. During lockdown there are a lot of annoyances when shopping but you should still be able to find some great deals on booze and stock up in the days leading up to the party. To keep beers nice and cool during your garden party, grab yourself a wheelbarrow and fill it with ice cubes, and keep the beer bottles and cans in there for people to grab when they want it. It’s super easy and it adds a funny touch to your party decor. 


Make amazing snacks 


A crucial stag do step is to make some amazing food for everyone to snack on during the evening. You could of course opt for a barbecue with fresh burgers and sausages, but to keep things simple it might be better to make snacks that you can bring out as the night draws in without using fire. The perfect party snacks could be meals like nachos, chips and dip, cheesy french fries, chicken wings… the list goes on. Make a batch of lots of snacks and just keep them ready in the house to bring out during the evening. It’ll help everyone soak up the alcohol! 


Find party games 


Drinking games like beer pong are always a win during a stag do, and you can also find other games to enjoy during your stag do. Find stag do games online and make the party more fun, and laugh when one of your mates falls over. 


Fancy dress it up 


It is like an unwritten rule that you are supposed to dress up for a stag do, but even if you don’t want to; you can trick the groom. Before the stag do tell everyone that it is a fancy dress party and that you have to come as female characters. Then, tell everyone but the groom that you are coming in normal clothes. When the groom turns up dressed and Wonder Woman and the rest of you are wearing t-shirts and shorts, it’ll provide the perfect photo op and give everyone something to remember! 


Build a killer playlist 


It’s not a party without damn good music. Use amazon music or Apple Music to make an awesome playlist and connect yourself to a speaker in the garden, this will ensure there’s never an awkward silence! 


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