No, Weight Training Won’t Make You Look Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ten years ago, you rarely found any women standing by the weight rack in the gym. It was something for men only. But as information on the benefits of resistance training leaks out, more and more of us are trying it – and with fabulous health results. 


What we’re learning is that weights don’t make you look like Arnie; instead, they enhance your existing physique, making you look better than ever. 


Why Weight Training Won’t Make You “Ripped” Or “Shredded” 


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For years, bodybuilders have inadvertently given resistance training a bad reputation. People looked at their physiques with their bulging muscles and veins popping out from under their skin and concluded that that wasn’t something that they wanted. So, instead, they switched to cardio.


There’s nothing wrong with running and jogging – both are excellent forms of exercise. But ONLY doing these is putting you at a disadvantage. You’re not maximizing your body’s potential if you stick with one type of training instead of another. 


Most men and women who do resistance training never wind up with massive, rippling muscles. The reason bodybuilders do is that they take things to the extreme, often consuming performance-enhancing drugs. Enormous muscles are the result of pharmacological intervention, not the odd training session at the gym.


Most people can’t get big muscles naturally anyway. This statement applies to both genders, but more so women. Researchers believe that specific hormone environments are critical for building muscle. For the most part, girls don’t have this kind of biology and, so, will not develop large muscles like the bodybuilders in the magazine, no matter how hard they try. There just isn’t enough testosterone floating around to signal to the muscles that they need to grow and develop to deal with the harshness of the outside world. 


You Should Still Train With Weights, Even If You Don’t Want To Become “Muscular” 

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Even though resistance training won’t lead to massive muscle growth, that doesn’t mean that it is without impact. Most people see a dramatic uptick in their strength and find that they can do things that they could never do before, like carrying lots of shopping bags in from the car. 


If you want to use a personal trainer for women, that’s probably a good idea. This breed of instructor understands your goals. It’s not about lifting as heavy as possible or growing rippling biceps; it’s about developing a powerful yet feminine physique that helps to show off your figure to its full potential. 


When you first begin on your journey to a more powerful physique, it can seem like a bit of a risk. You worry that the changes that you make today will lead you to look less elegant or slender. But you inevitably find the reverse. Weight training has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in your physique, making you appear more powerful and robust. 


The bottom line is this: no matter how hard you train, you’ll never wind up looking like a 250-pound bodybuilder. You’ll just become the best version of yourself. 

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