Wedding Traditions You Should Observe

There are several traditions surrounding marriage, as well as the wedding ceremony. Because of the diversity and varied cultures, you need to be informed. Most of the common myths to the Western world are traced from the earlier days of the Roman Empire, including the cultural and economic demands of that time. Most of the traditions have little meaning in the current setting. They are, however, observed because things have been done in a certain way since time immemorial. Here are some of the wedding traditions you should follow.

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The Term Wedding

In the past, most brides were kidnapped because several families preferred marriage by purchase as the primary norm of getting a wife. Therefore, the bride price was land, political alliances, coinage, or a family’s social status. If translated accordingly, the Anglo-Saxon term ”wedd” implies that the groom needed to vow to marry a lady. But it also meant that there was a bride price that must be paid by the groom’s family.

The Bridal Shower

You have played your games, ate the food, then read the cards and passed them around over with the unwrapped gifts. Since time immemorial, bridal showers have been a fun way to indulge and celebrate loved ones. It is also a huge opportunity to spoil a bride and then assist her as she begins a new journey in life. And like several wedding traditions, there is this intriguing history behind the bridal shower, giving gifts to a bride was a gesture geared towards preparing her for that new life. In that light, gifts were mostly given to needy individuals or to those whose parents did not approve of their marriage. In the second story, people became more associated with the account of giving. According to history, ladies would converge to wish the woman of the hour well. It would include choosing a venue for your wedding.

The Ring Finger

In the third century of Greece, the index finger referred to the ring finger. On the other hand, in India, it used to be the thumb. The western tradition started with the Greeks. They observed the romantic notion that usually, the third finger would be connected to the couple’s hearts through a route name known as the ”vein of love”.

The Wedding Ring

In the Middle East, rings were often used as currency. This was before the outset of the coinage. They signified wealth. In ancient times, the wedding ring was actually though to significantly protect the bride from any form of an evil spirit. In Rome, couples used a gold band to symbolize everlasting love in addition to their commitment to the new relationship. The same was carved with clasped hands.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is good luck for the woman and the man of the hour to be blessed by their parents. This traces back to Biblical teaching as well as tradition. It also happens to be one of those essential aspects of a happy marriage. And while on it, you should work on the finishing touches of your wedding.

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