Six Things You Really Don’t Need To Be “Healthy”

Wherever you go online you will see people telling you what you need to be healthy. They talk about health as if it’s something you can go and make a shopping list for to achieve. Being healthy isn’t something that’s complicated – and yet there we go, making a list of things we absolutely must do if we want to be healthier. Influencers online tell us about secret formulas of tea and coffee, while fitness companies are telling us that they have the exact thing that we need for our health.


There are six main things that people feel like they need in their lives to be healthier, and we’re going to tell you why you don’t need them at all!


The Gym

Believe it or not, you do not need the gym to be healthy. There are plenty of other ways to exercise than machines in the gym, from getting the help of Expert PT to just going for a walk every day. You don’t have to spend hundreds per month on a fancy gym with all the equipment when you can work out just as well at home?


If you are getting everything that you need from food then you don’t need supplements in your life. Every day there is notification of a new drug that’ll be there to bulk you up or work out your body, but you don’t need a particular pill to make you healthier on the inside. 

“Health Food”

One of the biggest – and most annoying – fads in the health world is the food. Do you really need to pack your day with grape nuts and avocado? Absolutely not – unless you enjoy it. You don’t need to eat any foods that are trendy and “healthy” unless you like the taste. No one needs to soak oats overnight in berries and yoghurt to be healthy. You need a calorie deficit to be able to lose weight and feel healthy. You definitely do not need poached eggs and chilli flakes on a protein bar. Insert eye roll here!

Fancy Equipment

You may think you need ab machines and pulsing pads for your stomach to get healthy, but you don’t. They may even tell you that you need a treadmill. You don’t need anything fancy; all you need is space for a workout. Space to march on the spot. Space for your sneakers so that you can go for a walk! No fancy equipment necessary.


How many times have you believed that you need more and more time to get healthy? More and more time for workouts? You don’t! You really don’t need swathes of time to feel healthy. If you don’t have an hour for the gym, great. However, you do have time to take the stairs instead of the lift. You also can walk to work if you’re close enough. 

Unlimited Cash

Fancy workout clothes, fancy gyms, fancy foods – these all cost money. If you want to feel healthy and feel good, you need to be able to move (for free), to eat a balanced diet (as part of your usual food budget) and loose clothes!


Feel healthy and don’t get sucked into the hype: you got this!

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