Departing You: Learning To Be Happy When Travelling By Yourself


There is a major trend right at the moment of solo travelling. For a lot of people, it’s never been so appealing. The great thing about travelling alone now is that we don’t really feel alone because we’re on social media, but it’s the only opportunity for us to get back in touch with us. Learning who we are by travelling on our own can be met with a few raised eyebrows. But whether you are just travelling down the road or going further afield or have just been thinking about trying it let’s show you how it can totally reinvigorate you.


You Get To Do What You Want

The great thing about travelling by yourself is that you don’t have to share anything with anyone. If you’ve been looking for the best cruise holiday deals, but you’ve had to share the date with someone else you don’t have to do anything for anyone apart from yourself. The great thing about doing what you want is that if it feels good, why don’t you do it? And if you have the finances, your options are endless. You could go on a cruise, or you could book a yacht. If you’ve been harbouring dreams of travelling across the horizon or by a coastline think about the sensations it will bring! If you were with someone else you’d probably think twice. But if you want to explore another country, it gives you the opportunity to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. It gives you the chance to be who you want when you want.


It Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When we go on holiday, we can tend to rely on others. This means that we don’t necessarily expand our own resilience. When we start to learn the act of travelling by ourselves, it can mean that we end up being stressful situations sometimes. But the great thing about these situations is that when we learn how to handle them, we have skills that will see it through to other areas of our lives. It can be incredibly stressful stepping outside of your comfort zone regardless of where you are in the world. You may be in the same country or on the other side of the world, but this is where you can do adequate preparation. If you are going to another country and you don’t speak the language learning a little bit of the lingo will be crucial. Going into another country is going to expand your comfort zone automatically, but what you want to make sure that you do have the opportunity to get by without too much stress.


It Gives You The Opportunity To Appreciate The Small Things

Wherever you are in the world, be it Cornwall or Australia, people have idiosyncrasies that translate to every country. When we go on holiday, we don’t tend to notice the small things. But by going somewhere ourselves, we can learn to appreciate the little things. It also gives us the chance to be in the moment. If we are always on the go, especially as a tourist, we may not have that opportunity to slow down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be doing something grandiose; it could be just sitting down in a cafe and watching people go by. Learning to appreciate the small things is a way to calm yourself.


You Get To Understand What You Want

Travelling for many people is like a meditation. And while going from country to country can throw you into stressful situations, it can make you acquire a zen mindset. It gives you the opportunity to realise what is truly important in your life. Travelling is one of the best ways to achieve mindfulness. Because you are stepping away from your regular life if and doing this by yourself, it gives you the opportunity to strip away the things that you think are important and truly focus on what you need. 


Travelling by ourselves or something that we should all do. It’s a great way to expand our comfort zone, go somewhere new, but it also helps to reinvigorate our spirit. Travelling is a fantastic cure-all. And many people feel that going by themselves even to the cinema is a big no-no. Learning to be happy by yourself is crucial, and when you go travelling you may not necessarily seek out stressful situations, but being on your own can make you realise just what you’re capable of. But it’s something that we should all try at least once! 

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