Where To Next For Your Big Travel Adventure?

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Where to next for your big travel adventure?

Sure, you could visit places closer to home (and as you can see in the linked article, there are reasons as to why you should), but with a whole world to explore, you might want to experience something that pushes you way outside of your usual travel and comfort zone.

But where should you go? Well, that kind of depends on you.

If you’re looking for thrill-seeking experiences alongside other tourists, you could ride across the sand dunes of the Sahara desert on a camel on an Egyptian holiday. You could go sandboarding down the dunes too, make like Lara Croft and explore the region’s ancient Pharaonic tombs, and dive into the Red Sea to explore the underwater kingdoms beneath. 

And talking of diving, how about exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and making friends with the fishies in this famous place of natural wonder. As part of your Australian adventure, you could also learn to surf on Bondi Beach, backpack in the Outback, and go white water rafting on the Tully River. 

Or what about a visit to Africa? You could go gorilla-trekking across the Ugandan mountains, explore the Serengeti, and have many more wildlife adventures with these Safari tour packages with On The Go Tours. You could also cage-dive with Great White Sharks in Cape Town, go horseback riding across the Kenyan plains, or bungee jump down the world’s largest waterfall at Victoria Falls.

If you’re looking for adventures off the beaten track, then visit those destinations that aren’t usually highly populated with tourists. 

The Central American nation of El Salvador is safer than many people think and has black-sandy beaches to explore, deep forests to get lost in (not in the literal sense – join a tour), and surfing opportunities aplenty on the Caribbean coastline. You can even go scuba diving in a live volcano! 

And what about a visit to Albania? Known as Europe’s best-kept secret, this is one part of the world where you won’t be burdened with crowds of tourists and camera-happy holidaymakers. Go wildlife spotting in the region’s national parks, explore crumbling ruins, hike up some of the most majestic mountains in the world, and forsake the hotels for a daring bit of beach camping. There is much to see and do in Albania, and because it’s under the radar, you will have plenty of  time for peace and quiet while doing it. 

Or if you’re looking for something otherworldly, why not visit Bucharest, Romania’s capital. Here you can visit Vlad Castle, the supposed home of Count Dracula in the centre of the city. You could take a walk to the mysterious Witches Pond that is located in the often mist-enshrouded Boldu-Creţeasca forest. And there are many more unusual things to do in Bucharest, which are far removed from the experiences you might get on your usual travel adventure. 

So, where to next for your big travel adventure? The world is just begging to be explored, whether you travel alone or with others, so consider our suggestions, or let us know about those places that you think our readers need to be put on their radar. 

Wherever you go, we hope you have a fantastic and enriching time!

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