Why You Should Book Your Next Holiday In The UK

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For many of us, a holiday involves jetting off abroad. However, you needn’t have to leave the UK to enjoy a relaxing getaway. While hot weather is rarely guaranteed, the UK has lots of other attractions going for it to make up for this. Here are just a few reasons to plan a staycation in Britain next time you need a break.

Brilliant beaches

The UK has a great selection of beaches. While the weather may not always make them suitable for sunbathers, many of them are still very scenic and worth visiting. Visit any coastal town and you’ll also find plenty of other attractions from fun fairs to surf schools to fishing tours to award-winning seafood restaurants. Booking a hotel on the seafront could be a great way to fully enjoy a holiday by the beach. Some of the most popular coastal getaways include Bournemouth, Brighton, Newquay and Blackpool.

Rich history

We’re also blessed with a rich history in the UK. From ancient sites like Stonehenge to modern cultural heritage such as The Beatles, our history attracts tourists from around the world. There are castles and cathedrals all across the country – all with their own stories and unique features. The UK also has some globally renowned museums such as The British Museum and the Imperial War Museum containing further remnants of history. Some of the greatest cities for exploring the UK’s history include London, Edinburgh, York, Bath, Stirling and Canterbury.

Natural wonders

Many of us also overlook the natural wonders that can be found across the UK. In England, there’s the stunning Peak District and Lake District. In Scotland, there are the many lochs, the rugged isles such as Skye and mighty mountains such as Ben Nevis. In Wales, there’s the craggy mountains of Snowdonia and the waterfalls of Brecon Beacons. Head over to Northern Ireland and you’ve also got Giant’s Causeway and the Glens of Antrim. There’s also plenty of incredible wildlife out there to accompany this stunning scenery. Seals can be found around much of the coast, wild ponies and cattle can be found in many of the national parks and eagles are commonly sighted in Scotland.

It’s cheap

When taking a holiday in the UK, you don’t have to book an expensive flight. You can drive to most places in the UK for cheap or take a coach. You also don’t have to worry about the cost of visas, currency exchange fees and other costs of going abroad. Certain cities like London can be notoriously pricey, but most of the UK can be fairly affordable when it comes to accommodation and food and drink. If you’re eager to get away but on a tight budget, a UK holiday could be just what you need. 

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