This Is How To Enjoy Your Time As A Student! (Hint – It’s All About Balance)

You may not think that a guide to enjoying your time as a student is necessary. After all, isn’t most of the time spent partying with your new friends? Well, there certainly is a lot of fun to be had, but that isn’t the only thing you need to do to have a successful time as a student. In fact, it is more about getting a good balance between all the different areas of your life while you study. Something that you can get some advice on in the post below. 

Study (quite) hard 

You are probably used to posts extolling the virtues of study as hard as you possibly can. After all, uni isn’t cheap, and most students have their eye on the prize of landing their dream job when they graduate. Something that good grades will undoubtedly help them to achieve. Then there is the pressure from families, friends, teachers, and society to excel in what you are doing. 

However, the idea you have to give 100% to anything all the time seem silly to me. In fact, if you are giving 100% of your self to study, you won’t have any time or energy to do anything else!

Of course, for most of us, it is these other things that help us to enjoy our time at uni. In fact, activities such as exercise, rest, making new friends, and trying new experiences provide us with the ‘fuel’ to work hard when we do study. Although, everything, including the fun things, need to be done in moderation. Otherwise, they can up taking over your time.  

Now, I’m not saying that the primary purpose of being a student isn’t to study, because it is. However, it is also crucial that you allow yourself a respite to recover and do other things as well. Otherwise, you could end up hating your university experience. This being something unlikely to have a great impact on your grades and could even affect your mental health and your later career choices as well. 

Rest a lot

While at uni, you will be studying hard. You may also be going out a lot, and working a part-time job to support yourself as well. What this means is that it can be very easy to become exhausted. Of course, the more tired you are, the harder everything else can become. From getting up for lectures, completing assignments, and even taking care of yourself and interacting with other people. 

What this means is that you must give yourself enough time to relax and rest, as well as complete all the other tasks you need to do. Now, I’m not saying that this is easy, especially when you have a lot of deadlines looming over you. Although investing in a planner or planning app and scheduling in time for nothing but rest can help you to achieve a greater balance in this area. 

Live in a place you love 

One of the biggest challenges that many students face when going to university as living away from home for the first time. It’s not just being away from their families that can be challenging either. In fact, it can be that they have to share facilities with lots of other people as well. In fact, in some uni halls have up to 16 people sharing communal spaces like kitchens and bathrooms! Of course, this can be very overwhelming for many folks, and be something that seriously gets in the way of them enjoying their experience. 

Happily, there is an alternative to living in university-provided halls to consider. In fact, many cities now offer private student accommodation in the form of self-contained studio apartments. A setup that allows you to live in a building with other students, yet still have all your own facilities such as a private bathroom and kitchen area. Something that can be a lot more pleasant and so help you to enjoy your experience as a student to the maximum. 

Get organised 

You may not think you are the organised type. In fact, you may even have trouble keeping yourself organised from time to time. However, it can really help you enjoy your student experience much more.

In fact, it can remove a lot of unnecessary stress from your shoulders because you will feel more capable and on top of things. Also planning your time can help you get the best balance between fun, health, and study too. Something absolutely essential if you are to have the best time while completing your studies. 

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  1. Bullet journaling has changed my uni experience, I am so so much more organised now that I spend the time to write my own planner, I never really kept up with a normal planner. Rest is so important, it doesn’t have to mean doing nothing it could be going out with friends to relax and switch off!

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