Acts Of Kindness You Can Do Today

The world can sometimes be a scary place, and everything can get on top of us from time to time. So how do we improve the situation, and what can we do about the negativity that surrounds us? It can seem a bit too obvious, but it all starts with kindness, being kind to other humans, and animals also, can start a domino effect that will eventually cause some fantastic changes for the better. One good deed a day will add up, and no act of kindness is too small.   


Contact Your Elderly Relative

If you’re lucky enough to have some elderly relatives in your life then just offering a listening ear or helping with some shopping can make a massive difference to your relative even though it doesn’t take an awful lot of effort on your part. There are also knowledge-based tasks that can help your relative too, you can help them use the internet to ask questions such as “Am I eligible for a Vauxhall Motability car”? Or “Why haven’t my bins been collected this week?”. These acts of kindness can open up a whole new relationship with your relatives, and even help you gain some knowledge you didn’t have beforehand. The older generation has lived through some incredible life events, and if you’re lucky, they can share those stories with you as well. 


Pay For Someone’s Coffee

This one will cost you very little time and money (depending on the coffee shop!), but it will certainly make someone’s day! That small act of kindness could come at precisely the right time for the recipient if someone is having an awful day, then someone throwing a little kindness in their direction will always be worth the effort. It may even be the turning point in that person’s day that will mean the world to them. 



Parenting is hard, and most parents will only hire a babysitter or ask a friend/ family member to babysit for them when they have a special event or doctor appointment, but how about taking the children off their hands for a few hours just because you want to? Parents love their children dearly but having a little bit of space and time to breathe through the chaos will be very much appreciated, and you can have a great time as well, tire them out and hand them back at bedtime, win-win! 


Leave a Gift And Note

This one is a clear sign that you’re acting out of pure kindness as you will likely never see the recipients face light up. But doing a good and kind thing because you want to will be an excellent boost for you and the person on the receiving end. All it takes is a little gift of some kind and a small note asking the person to pay it forward if they are able. This option is really something special and the type of thing to end up having a significant impact. 


Give a Complement

Last but not least, a simple kind word given in kindness will brighten someone’s day. Like the dress, someone has on? Tell them! Noticed a friends new lipstick? Tell them it looks great (if you think it does, of course, be authentic!) not only will this help them feel happier you might find a kind word coming your way soon as well. 


Of course, every day is different, and you may be having one of those days where you could be the one needing the kindness, but that is why it’s so crucial we all try to act with kindness every day, even when it’s not easy!  


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