6 Summer Accessories That Never Go Out of Style

Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 from Pexels

Summer is a time when fashion tends to get stripped right back. It’s all about simple, stylish clothes that can see us through long days at the beach right through to an evening dining out or drinking under the stars. Whether your styling out your staycation or packing for an exciting trip abroad, here are six summer accessories that never go out of style. 

Extra-large sunglasses

Big, bold sunglasses can make you stand out in all the right ways. Whether you go for 70’s style circular frames, modern squared styles or even a quirky cat-eye – your shades will add heaps of glamour to even the most basic of outfits. Plus, they’re great for going a bit incognito! When you’re buying sunglasses, it’s not all about the look, though. Be sure to go for an option that offers UVA and UVB protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s glare. 

Wide-brimmed sunhat 

We all know hats aren’t just for winter! But choosing the right sunhat can be tricky. Bucket hats have gained popularity recently, while traditional peaked caps are always a solid bet. But nobody can deny the timeless qualities of a wide-brimmed hat. The bonus is that these are probably the most effective sunhats too since they offer plenty of shade to your crown, face, and shoulders. Popular boho styles, like a straw floppy hat, are perfect for the beach. 

The perfect sandals

Who can bear to wear covered shoes in the heat? Sandals are heavenly in the summer, but finding the right ones can be tricky. With flip flops and sandals, it’s often a battle between finding stylish and light shoes that also have enough support. Nobody wants sore arches or blistered toes at the end of a long day at the beach! Birkenstocks are a popular choice since they are effortlessly stylish but offer loads of comfort and support.  

A beach bag 

Any summer outing needs the perfect beach bag. After all, you’ll have water, SPF, a towel, and the perfect beach book to bring along with you! Straw bags never go out of style, as they offer effortless cool. Plus, they’ll match your straw sun hat, adding a bit of coordinated chic. Other great options are canvas totes, which come in a variety of gorgeous prints. 

Simple silver jewellery 

You might be wearing fewer layers in the heat, but that doesn’t mean skipping out on jewellery! In summer, simple silver jewellery will always be in style. A cute boho-style anklet looks gorgeous paired with a bright bikini, while a silver bangle, like the ones from Opals Australia, adds elegance to evening outfits. 


Ok, so this isn’t technically an accessory – but just like your favourite sandals, you do not want to leave the house without this! Damaged skin is never a good look, and we all know by now how dangerous sun exposure can be. Pop on a high factor and even invest in a SPF lip balm to keep your lips looking lovely, too. 

Have fun and look super stylish this summer!

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