3 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship

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Our relationships with our romantic partners are some of the most important facets of our lives, and will inevitably play a major role in our overall sense of well-being, connection, and life-satisfaction.

When everything is going well in our relationships, the world seems like a bright and wonderful place, and there’s little – if anything – that seems to be beyond our reach.

But, as with all things in life, relationships take plenty of work and dedication, and even the closest couples can butt heads from time to time, and experience certain issues and conflicts.

If you feel like it would be a good idea to go the extra mile in strengthening your relationship, here are a few suggestions that might be useful. 

Commit to a policy of total honesty

It’s been said many times that all strong relationships have to be based on honesty – but often, we don’t take this message to heart half as seriously as we should.

In a relationship, there are no such things as “white lies.” Any time you fail to be honest with your partner, you undermine the trust, closeness, and integrity of your relationship in ways both subtle and serious.

Commit to a policy of total honesty, and it can be remarkable just how positive the effect is.

Of course, it’s important to remember that total honesty doesn’t mean “needless cruelty,” or “saying the first thing that pops into your head.”

If your partner asks “does this outfit look good on me?” And you don’t think it does, don’t say “you look awful” – instead, say something like “I think this other thing would suit you better.”

A policy of total honesty can allow you to avoid many potential issues, long before they develop.

Consider therapy and counselling sessions

If there are certain recurrent, and serious sources of tension or unease in your relationship, it may be a good idea to consult with an expert counsellor, or therapist, in order to get a different perspective on things.

Many different types of relationship-focused counselling and therapy exist, ranging from sex therapy sessions, to sessions designed to help enhance your communication skills.

You don’t have to just accept whatever a counsellor or therapist tells you – but if you’re struggling to come up with answers and solutions on your own, this sort of outsider’s perspective might be quite helpful.

Make a real effort and commitment to actually spend time together, on a regular basis

For a relationship stay strong and healthy, it is simply essential that you and your partner make a real effort and commitment to actually spend time together, on a regular basis.

A relationship isn’t just a static state that you exist in. It’s an ongoing process of bonding with a person, forging new experiences and memories with them, confiding in them, and learning more about them, over the years.

A major reason why long-distance relationships so often come to grief, is that they don’t allow for enough direct face-to-face, in-person time together.
Maybe you’re busy at work, or distracted by various other obligations in your life. Still, it’s important that you set aside some precious minutes to relax with your loved one, go out together, and share jokes and stories, when you can.

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