The Journey to Making Exercise A Permanent Fixture in Your Life

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Most people hate exercise, so you’re definitely not alone there. The problem seems to stem from the idea that working out is some sort of arduous activity. It’s true that it should be a challenge, of course, but it shouldn’t be a challenge that you utterly despise. If this is the case then you’ll never be able to stick to a workout routine. You need to find a way to stay physically active without hating exercise. Think back to when you were a kid and you ran all over the place with your friends. That was exercise, but you didn’t hate it. You just need to find the equivalent of that joy now you’re an adult. In this post, we’ll talk about the journey to making exercise a permanent fixture in your life.

Go easy on yourself.

The first step to making exercise a permanent fixture in your life is to go easy on yourself. As mentioned in the introduction, you shouldn’t hate exercise. It should be a welcome challenge in your life. The best way to achieve this is to take things slowly. Find an activity that you’ll enjoy, for starters. Maybe you could join a sports club so that you’d turn exercise into a fun social activity. That way, you’ll find a way to keep your body moving on a regular basis without focusing too heavily on the fact that it’s exercise. And if you want to take up jogging then build up your routine gradually. Start off by running for 10 minutes every day. Add 5 minutes to your workout every week or two. You might even want to consider physiotherapy to help you heal your body after a tough workout. That could be beneficial to your body and your mind.

Incorporate resistance training into your workout.

If you want to make exercise a permanent fixture in your life then you need to incorporate resistance training (or strength training, depending on what you want to call it) into your workout. This isn’t just so you can keep your fitness regime varied and interesting; it’s to benefit your overall physical health. Cardiovascular activity keeps your heart healthy and helps you to maintain a balanced weight, but strength-based activities such as weight lifting help to improve your muscle mass, bone strength, and your flexibility. Making your body stronger in this way will alleviate any aches or pains you might get throughout the day. It’s worthwhile in the long run.

Give yourself incentives.Another way to make exercise a permanent fixture in your life is to give yourself incentives. Obviously, your long-term incentive is to improve your physical and psychological wellbeing, but that won’t happen instantly. At first, you need to give yourself little incentives to encourage you to work out. You need to earn that relaxing evening on the sofa or that bar of chocolate. Tell yourself that you can have those rewards after you’ve met your fitness quota for the day. That’ll give you an incentive to exercise. It’ll also make those rewards all the sweeter because you’ll have earned them. You won’t have to feel guilty about enjoying the occasional vice because you’ll know that you’re leading a healthy lifestyle.

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