How To Be More Productive When Blogging


We all know the feeling- it’s approaching evening time and we haven’t accomplished anything like as much as we would have wanted to during the day. The beginning of the day always starts off with good intentions, plans are made, lists are written and goals are aimed for. However sometimes at the end of the day your to-do list seems even longer than it was at the start. Being productive and managing your time especially when blogging can be very difficult.  We’ve outlined some ways that you can juggle your time effectively and be as productive as you can every day.

Don’t Multitask

It can be really tempting to try and tackle more than one task at once. Doing two things at the same time should get them done quicker, right? Wrong. Multitasking has been proven to actually cause damage to the human brain and it actually means that you are doing both things only half as well as you could have. Give your full attention and focus to one thing at a time and you will soon find that you are actually completing your work faster and not dealing with correcting mistakes or missteps. If you’re having a hard time managing all your documents and paperwork, thing about employing the help of a document management system, like the one you can find here:

Take Your Time

It’s not uncommon for many of us to start working on our content and social media before 8 am and not logging off until much, much later. While it may seem like we’re getting more done by working increasingly long hours, it actually has the opposite effect. With more and more people becoming increasingly stressed and burnt out from work, more and more companies are encouraging their staff to take regular breaks. Stepping away from your desk to stretch your legs or get some fresh air is proven to help boost concentration, and increase your mood. Try a quick walk around the block to beat your mid-afternoon slump and see the dramatic difference.  

Set Yourself Small goals

Sometimes, just looking at your to-do list can be crushing and anxiety-inducing. Seeing a large chunk of things that you have to get done, can leave you resentful or depressed. Break up big projects into smaller, more manageable chunks to help you feel more in control and more productive once you accomplish them. This also helps you keep a track of how your tasks are going day to day and make more intensive tasks seem less daunting.

Do Your Biggest Task First

In other words ‘swallow the frog’. Don’t push aside your biggest task until later in the day when you may be too frazzled to tackle them properly. You’re more likely to be firing on all cylinders first thing in the morning, so deal with your most difficult projects early one. It also will give you a great sense of relief to not have it looming over you for the whole day.

Implement the “Two-Minute Rule”

Do the most with your time at work by filling any small gaps in your schedule with tiny, quick tasks that need to be completed. Need to fire off a quick ‘thank-you’ email to a PR who sent you some freebies? Instead of leaving it, send it as soon as possible because leaving it until the last minute actually takes up more of your time! Not every day can be completely productive but it’s a good way to set and keep habits that will see you in good stead in the future.

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