5 Group Sports To Keep You Fit

Keeping fit is an important part of all our lives but sometimes we struggle to get the motivation. One of the best ways to help get the motivation to exercise is to do it with other people. There are loads of group exercises you can do to keep fit and healthy you could also enjoy a little healthy competition while you’re at it. Have a look below at some of the group sports you could get involved with to keep you fit.


Tennis is a great small group sport. You can play from as little as two people and add other pairs into the equation. You can often hire equipment and courts which are indoor and outdoor at your local sports centre for a reasonable price making this a low-cost sport to become involved with. Why not try playing as couples and having a few matches against other couples.


A lot of people will remember netball from been at school and probably still have that favourite position that they like to play in. This doesn’t have to be a distant memory though, netball is a fantastic team sport where you can keep up your fitness and have fun at the same time. You can even get custom made kits and a Custom Designed Umpire Netball Polo for your team to wear if you want to compete.


When thinking about group sports this has to be one of the top choices that people instantly think of. With it been so widely publicised and even in the gossip media pretty much everyone knows a little about the sport. You can play as just a kick about at the park, as a small 5 a side mess around, a small team that competes with other local teams or maybe even as a full team that has kits and supporters.


Again this is probably one that some of you will remember fondly from school. You can play with small teams or just a group of family and friends having fun at the beach. Either way, rounders is a fairly simple sport to learn and can be extremely fun especially if you’re having a mess around while on the beach for the day. This makes rounders a good family sport as well as one for competitive reasons and it will help to keep you fit and healthy without you even knowing it.


Rugby is as well known as football although you probably don’t get as much gossip media reporting on the player’s lives. It is quite a combatted sport as if you have the ball then you become the target for the opposite team to get this from you, they are even allowed to knock you to the ground. Saying that you shouldn’t let it put you off, if you’re looking to do some hard work to keep fit then this will be the one for you. You can even play a calmer version that’s a family-friendly with flags when you have to grab the flag from the other team and return it to the goal.

Do you have any other group sports to keep you fit that should be on this list? Please share them in the comments section below.

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