Cutting Car Costs

When you’re saving up for study, a deposit for a home or just struggling to make ends meet, running a car can eat up so much of your income. We take a look at a few ways you can help keep this necessary cost down and make driving a more fuel efficient experience.

Driving Style

You’re always in a hurry to get to work or college but the style in which you drive could be eating through your fuel. With just a few simple tweaks and changes you’ll be stretching out that tank of petrol, freeing up your money to spend on better things.

For a start consider your braking and your accelerating. These two acts eat petrol when done at speed, so when you’re approaching traffic lights reduce your speed gradually and not at the last minute, if you can keep the car moving forward. Getting your car going from a completely stopped position requires more fuel than if it’s moving slowly but if you have stopped, move away gently without hammering the accelerator.

When you’re driving, think about where you are in the road. Being able to predict what’s coming up ahead will help you to make decisions ahead of time, all of which will avoid having to hit the brakes hard. Ease up into a higher gear as quickly as you can, higher gears are more fuel efficient.

Car Maintenance

Do you shove everything in the boot of your car? Half your wardrobe and various shoes and bags? It’s time for a clear out. The lighter you make your vehicle, the less hard it has to work to move you along, saving fuel. For the same reasons, to reduce unnecessary drag, make sure your tyres are pumped up to the correct levels and check them regularly.

Get your car serviced regularly to make sure everything is running as it should be. Though it might be a little costly, over time it can save you money through smoother running.

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This is where the upfront savings lie. While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest quote, make sure that the coverage leaves you fully protected. You might lose out on hundreds in an accident if the small print leaves you without proper protection.

Look on auto insurance quotes comparison sites to find the best offers or go and talk to a broker in person if that helps.

Whether you use your car to get to work or college, or just need it to keep your life on track and your errands run, you too can help get the cost of running your vehicle down over the long term.

Think in terms of efficiency as well as finding cheaper fuel to make real savings. Get your car streamlined, working well and make sure your driving style isn’t burning through petrol. Finally, make sure to get a great deal on your insurance and you’ll find your driving costs start to fall. Drive happy, drive efficiently.

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