After a short break from blogging due to studying, I’m back and ready to talk all things Christmas!

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year, I love the atmosphere that christmas songs, lights and decorations can make, alongside the cosy nights in, watching a romantic christmas film on TV, sounds perfect right?

As most you know, I recently moved to Edinburgh, I had always known that Edinburgh usually hosts a great Christmas market, but I had no idea how amazing the market was until I visited, and I must admit, I’ve already been more than once, I just can’t get enough of it!


Let me start by talking about things that all of the family can be involved in, including children. If you enter the market from the gate opposite Waverley Mall, the first thing that you’ll be greeted with is the “Wild Yeti” ride, so of course, I just had to try this out! I honestly can’t tell you just how fun it was! My inner child totally emerged and I had the BEST time! Most children are able to ride too, which could be a great start to your family day out!

Next to the Yeti, is the Star Flyer, and somehow I was persuaded into trying it out. Although it gives you amazing views of the city, it’s also absolutely terrifying! I definitely underestimated just how tall the ride actually was until I was up there, but nevertheless, I still had a great time, although I did take a few minutes to recover when back on ground!

As you continue through the market, you’re greeted with stalls, filled with amazing gifts and decorations, I’ve purchased a few things and felt ever so Christmassy when doing so! There’s also multiple food stalls within the gift stalls, which can help to warm you up, with a mulled wine, a hot gin, or just a simple hot chocolate. A hot drink is definitely needed when visiting the market, because boy is Edinburgh cold!


You will then come across the ferris wheel, I loved riding this! I’m all about views, and the wheel is much more relaxing than the Star Flyer, so this is probably better if you want a relaxing time, rather than holding on for your life! The seats are also covered, so even if its raining, you’re able to stay dry (I know this from experience)! I loved riding the wheel, and we were able to go round three times, which allowed us to really take in the city view!


After you’ve had a great time on the wheel, you’ll find yourself surrounded by food stalls (I’m not complaining!), and then you can make your way downwards, to more gifts and food, or you can continue, and you’ll find yourself outside of the Christmas tree walled bar, also known as, the Johnnie Walker Bothy Bar. This is great to escape the cold and refuel with a hot drink! The decor is so amazing and makes you feel incredibly festive! It’s also a great place to socialise too!

Heading downwards, you’ll find yourself faced with stalls upon stalls of the cutest gifts! Some companies have multiple stalls, so if you find yourself waiting in line, it could be worth checking out if they have another stall somewhere else!


Heading downwards from there, you’ll reach Santa Land, aka, a children’s paradise. Entering Santa Land made me wish that I was a child again, just for one day. There’s a mini rollercoaster, with fake snow that appears when riding, a reindeer ride, a carousel, some bungee jumps, a helter skelter and a Christmas tree maze! So your child can have LOTS of fun! There’s also a few food stalls here, so whilst your child is riding the rollercoaster, you can refuel with some candy floss or some chips! Whatever you fancy!

So there you have it, a quick trip round the Christmas market. I haven’t had chance to experience the other parts of Edinburgh’s Christmas just yet, but I’m very excited to finally go ice-skating in St Andrew’s Square, and to see the amazing light fixture in George Street!

That’s all from me for now,

Happy Holidays!

Luce xo

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