So this post is for all of you guys and gals who are eagerly awaiting your A-Level results, with the possibility of attending university! How exciting!

Last Friday, I successfully graduated from university, I had the most amazing time, and would do it all over again! However, graduating has also made me reflect upon my academic journey, specifically my journey prior to university.


So, let’s start from the very beginning, because someone once told me, that it’s a very good place to start!

During my A-Levels, I put all of my energy into studying and attempting to achieve the highest grades, I knew the grades that I had to achieve to be accepted into my firm, and so worked towards achieving them. Even if I say so myself, I worked super hard, and this was reflected in two out of three of my grades, now, I will admit that overall, my A-Level results were more than good, and I genuinely have no complaints about the grades that I received, although this didn’t stop me from being slightly disappointed in one of my grades.

So first thing first, when you open your envelope, try your hardest not to be disappointed! It’s done and it’s over with. You can’t change it, and you work with what you’ve got. It’s not a nice feeling to have worked so hard and expect a different grade, but you know in your heart that you put you did your upmost during your revision, so always remember that. Most importantly, congratulate yourself on the grades that you achieved! At the end of the day, you’ve achieved your A-Levels!

Next step, university. I was lucky in that I achieved the grades needed for my firm choice of university, so I haven’t experienced not being accepted into university first hand. BUT, I do know people who went through clearing, and they’ve still become hugely successful, so don’t stress!

I can’t really give any advice regarding clearing, but what I would say is this:

Although I had worked super hard, I still prepared myself for the possibility of having to go through clearing, so here’s a quick list for you to make to ensure that you’re as prepared as possible:

1 . Research different university’s BEFORE results day, right now, most university’s will have stated on their webpage if they will have any available clearing spaces, so check this out first!

2 . Find other courses that you’re genuinely interested in, for example, if you’ve applied for a sociology degree, have a look at other aspects of social science degrees that may have places in clearing, the university’s webpage will normally give you a list of subjects, so still look at one’s that are similar to your applied degree. You never know, you may find yourself more interested in another subject!

3 . Look at the costs of accommodation and the lifestyle of the university. You want to know that you’ll be studying and living somewhere that you’ll enjoy. If you’ve visited various universities, then great, you’ll have an idea, if not, do a quick youtube search! This will help you to see what the campus is like, and the area around!

4 . Write down contact details of the university, both an email address and a phone number. The likelihood is, is that it’ll be more productive to phone the university rather than email. Another note, if you’re heart is set on your firm and that specific degree, give them a call, they may have some spare spaces, the worst that can happen is that they still say no.

5 . DON’T STRESS! It can be so easy to stress about results because it’s such an important time in your life, but I’m a big believer in that everything happens for a reason, and if you don’t get the results that you were hoping for, then make the most of what you have and be happy! You’ve done well, and you should be super proud of yourself!

Speak Soon,

Luce xo


  1. Love this 💕 I never went to a university for college and wish I was able I experience this myself — it is the one thing I regret. I grew up military and married military so I just went with a community college.

  2. Congratulations on graduating, it seems like years ago since I graduated! Which there had been a post like this when I was looking to go to uni as there wasn’t really much advice at the time. Great post x

  3. These are some great tips, ive already applied and got into uni once, but it wasnt for me unfortunately, but hopefully i can find a course better suited and these tips will go a long way, thanks x

  4. Congratulations on graduating! Getting my A level results feels like a million years ago now and I remember being quite stressed on the day. I didn’t quite get the grades I required for my first choice, but I still managed to get a place there thanks to having a really good interview. You really never know what’s going to happen! x


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