Hello, hello! Finally, after weeks of waiting, I’m back with my fashion posts! Fashion posts are usually one of my favourite posts to write because I love fashion and I love styling different clothes together to create an ultimate look. Anyone who follows me or who knows me, will know that I’m super obsessed with all things pink, and just can’t get enough of the shade! It has always been my favourite colour and most likely will continue to be for the rest of my life.

When styling this outfit, I could feel myself slowly falling in love with it. I love nothing more than a preppy type of look, I’m all about cute shirts and blouses, but also love to style them down into a more casual type of look.

The minute that I stumbled across the shirt above, I became obsessed! It was definitely my type of shirt, and I loved the contrast of pink against green with the stripes. I feel like it really gives a certain look to the shirt, and makes it more of a fashionable and playful type, rather than just your regular plain types.

As for the denim skirt, well this little number has been one of my favourite skirts ever since I bought it. I probably wear this skirt at least three times a week, and as a fashion blogger, I should probably start mixing it up, but I just can’t help it! I love the shade, and it’s actually a little bit longer than your average denim skirt, which I like as I don’t enjoy wearing super short things. I can basically wear any type of top with this skirt too, I’ve worn it with a slogan tee before, a formal blouse and now this candy stripe shirt, it’s definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe because it’s so practical and so easy to style!

I don’t think that there’s much that I can say about the white converse, aside from the fact that I believe that everyone should own a pair! With the trainers being white, this means that you can basically style them with any outfit, and it’s super easy to tone an outfit down by pairing it with these shoes!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my pink obsession!

Speak soon,

Luce xo


  1. Love, love, love this outfit girl! You look amazing! I’ve been wanting to buy white converse for such a long time (still don’t know why I haven’t), they really do go with everything x

  2. where is your skirt from? I love it. This outfit does go really well together, who would have thought pink on pink would work? But you look amazing. I really need to get myself a pair of converse don’t i!! xx

  3. You look so super cute in this outfit and the preppy college look really suits you! Pink and green go surprisingly well together and this skirt is something I’d for sure pick up. It’s good to know it’s a bit longer too as there’s nothing I hate more than a skirt only just going past my bum!
    Alice Xx

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