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The wonderful world of dating can be quite confusing at times, you may experience downfalls but you may also find the one when playing the field. I know how difficult it can be if you’ve been hurt before, and jumping back into the dating game can be a scary concept, but I’ve put together a few tips on how to ensure that you have a positive dating experience!

Firstly, don’t date just anyone, date someone who you’re actually interested in, someone who shares at least one of your interests, and someone you can have fun with! There’s no point in dating if it’s not going to be fun, you don’t want to be bored, so make sure that your date has a fun side to them and isn’t serious all of the time!

How do I find out if my date is fun before meeting them? You may ask. I’ve got the answer. As internet dating is definitely one of the most popular things right now, if you’ve been sliding into DM’s and are planning on meeting your date, you can definitely find out if they have a fun side to them, simply by asking fun questions, ask them what the most fun thing they’ve ever done is! And if the answer you receive doesn’t sound extremely fun, then maybe it’s time to swipe left and continue searching.

Or, if you’ve met your date before, and figure out that they’re way too serious, and you feel lost as you’re not attracted to anyone else in your life right now, then it’s maybe time to head to a free dating site and see what the talent is like there! Online dating can be lots of fun, but always remember to stay safe! If you’re like me, and don’t really know any kind of dating app or site, then check out Match Me Happy and go from there.

Next tip, don’t expect to dive into a relationship immediately. Yes it’s fine to go out and date with the intention of finding a relationship, but if you’re dating and solely focusing upon finding a partner, I’m sorry to say, but you may be left disappointed at times. Remember, dating is great and you can have the time of your life, enjoy dating and don’t put pressure on things!

Tip number three coming up! Always stay true to yourself. So you’ve met up with your hot date, and they’ve described their perfect type…and it’s completely opposite to you. DO NOT try and change who you are for them, you’ve scored a date just by being you, so continue to stay true, and you never know, they might begin to fall in love. If you try to change yourself for someone, I can guarantee that one day you’ll wake up and ask “Who am I?” and “Where have I gone?”. You being you is great, and the right person will know that.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and be happy! Don’t enter your date and talk about your ex, or how every relationship you’ve had has failed. Talk about happy things! Talk about your passions! Really get to know your date and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying every second with them!

Speak Soon,

Luce xo

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