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So, Love Island is officially in full swing, with multiple couples, and scream-worthy television, this Summer has had us feeling all sorts of ways. I for one am definitely feeling the love from the couples on TV, and most recently, it’s made me begin to reflect on my dating experiences, how I’ve felt when meeting a hot new date, and most importantly, the feeling that I get when I couple up with someone! 

I personally believe that the feelings that you experience just after making it official with someone, is one of the nicest feelings in the world. I feel warm and fuzzy, usually giggle quite a lot, and overall, feel incredibly positive. I mean, who wouldn’t? You’ve just bagged the partner of your dreams! However, recently, there’s been a new trend of dating, it’s been around for a very long time, but recently, it’s grown increasingly in popularity and people are actually finding husbands and wives through it…the trend? Free dating! 

Free online dating is quickly becoming one of society’s biggest trends, so watch out Love Island, because free online dating may be taking your no.1 place of being the hottest summer trend. Although, when I think about it, it seems like such a vibe! So you make an account, for free, match with attractive and interesting people, for free, start talking to said people, for free, and maybe find your perfect relationship and guess what, that’s all free too! So you know, it doesn’t sound like a bad deal really does it?  

Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably thinking back to the time when you tried a free dating app or website, and you were bombarded with cringey pick-up lines, and maybe even matched with your ex’s best friends…but just put that thought aside and hear me out. 

I like to think of myself as someone who knows a lot about dating and relationships, I have my first date rules that I like to personally abide by, but also plan a whole lot of fun activities when in a relationship. I like to get to know my partner on a higher level, I want to see my partner have fun, even if that is jumping off a trapeze high up in the sky, or simply feeding a lamb. I crave fun in relationships, and I believe that fun really can make or break it for you. 

So next time you’re sat at home, religiously watching Love Island, wishing that you had your very own Jack, or your very own Wes, why not turn your computer on, log onto Match Me Happy, and get matching and sliding into your potential partner’s DM’s? I know that that’s something that you may find me doing, but shh, don’t tell anyone! 

As always, I like to ensure that my followers understand safety when it comes to the internet, so be sure to read all about privacy regulations, and remember to never give out incredibly personal details online. Yes, dating is fun, but for it to be really fun, you need to remember your own safety. 

Speak soon, 

Luce xo 

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