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Hello hello, long time, no see! After a short while of being basically invisible in the blogging world, apart from on Instagram, because hey, who can stay silent on Instagram for weeks? I’m back and will be returning to my usual schedule of posting three-to-four times a week.

So, you may be asking yourself, “where has she been?”, “why so silent?”, “what actually happened?”, so here it goes.

Your average holiday photo

Firstly, I jetted off to the beautiful greek island known as Rhodes, I stayed for a whole week and absolutely loved it. I’m still missing the greek way of life and the food, so I definitely will return soon! Whilst on holiday, I decided to try and stay away from all thing social media, I really wanted to learn about the culture, and try new things, I did indeed update my Instagram and Snapchat stories to show you all some of the beautiful places I visited, because that was a must. However, when not snapping a few photos, I didn’t engage with my phone, and truly let myself be free from the rest of the world for a few days. It was actually quite refreshing to not constantly check my stats and to not worry about which post I was going to publish next, but now I’m back, prepare yourself for a lot of Greek themed posts!

I’ve also learnt that graduate life isn’t as exciting as it’s made out to be. Yes, I have a tonne of free time, but in that time, I’m either reading about potential Master’s or attending job interviews. I’ve had a great time attending my job interviews and believe that the experience has been really valuable. Whether or not I’m successful is a different thing, but I can only keep my fingers crossed right?

A must visit – Kallithea Springs

So after returning from Rhodes, and attending job interviews, I’ve been letting myself relax by fully committing my time to Love Island. It’s safe to say that I’m absolutely obsessed, I haven’t tweeted a lot of my opinions…yet! This is mainly because I’ve been watching on catch-up because I’ve been so busy, but yes, I will admit that Love Island and its drama has been an active factor in my lack of blogging…oops!

And finally, it’s my 21st birthday in a few days! I’m super excited and have already began my celebrations! It’s been filled with mostly good food and drinks, but I have a lot more plans, most of which I will upload onto all of my platforms.

Overall, I’ve basically been quiet because I’ve been focusing on myself. I think that it’s SO incredibly important to take time out and actually take care of yourself, we can all get caught up in a mad rush during our lives, but sitting down, and reflecting on decisions and your lifestyle is also important. The time that I’ve spent away from blogging and social media has had a greatly positive impact upon myself, and now I feel fresh and motivated more than ever to produce content. So don’t worry if you feel like you need to take a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months out, your followers will always wait for you.

Speak soon,

Luce xo


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