If I were to tell you that I’ve found a great money saving app which can show you local deals at the tap of a button, what would you say? I’m assuming that you’d be beyond excited and immediately ask me what the app is called! Well listen up!


The VA app launched earlier this year and helps you to discover local deals regarding supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pubs, and events in real time! That means that before you decide to roll out of bed you can decide where to shop and where to grab the best deals, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse when you shop in one store, enter another and you’ve missed out on a great deal!

The app is location based, and shows you any of the promotions that local businesses have uploaded around you, some examples include Costa and the Co-Operative store! The closest deals with appear first, but you can see how far other deals are as the app shows how many miles you are away from each deal, so it’s a win win situation! Oh…and did I mention, the app is free of charge!


I’m so excited to start using this app, I’ve already found hundreds of amazing deals and as a student, it’s always beneficial to save some money!

You can find the app by clicking the links below:


Android App 

If you’re still not sold, although, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be interested, you can watch a short video of the app by clicking the link below to learn more and see what the app looks like on screen!

VA Demonstration Video

Let me know if any of you guys download the app and what you think of it!

Speak Soon,

Luce xo

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