Wow, it seems so long ago since I last wrote a post regarding fitness. However, now Summer is literally just around the corner, I know that some of us may be wanting to lose a little bit of weight, or simply tone up and just make our lifestyle that little bit more healthier!

Years ago, I used to be such a cardio bunny, hopping from the treadmill, to the bicycle, to the cross trainer and back to the treadmill. I was OBSESSED with burning calories, and my mind constantly told me that the only way to stay in shape was to do as much cardio as possible.

Now that I’m nearly 21, and have matured, I’ve also developed my fitness knowledge and now know that cardio isn’t the answer to all of our fitness fuelled problems. Yes, cardio can be great, especially if you’re wanting to lose a few pounds, it’s one of the forms of exercise that is first recommended when trying to lose weight, but what I’ve personally learnt, is that you can’t achieve your potential, without experimenting in your work outs, and that means entering the dreaded weight section!

I don’t know about you, but the weight section within my local gym is ALWAYS filled with muscly type guys, lifting an incredible amount of weight, and well, if you even step foot in there, you’re going to get stared at. It can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re a newbie and wanting to see what works for you, but over the past two years, I’ve managed to conquer my fear of entering the weight lifting world, and now I find myself practicing weight-training more than I train on the treadmill! Who would have thought?

I’m not going to go into depth about the benefits of weight training because that isn’t what this post is about. This post is intended to make you feel more confident when it comes to kettlebells and dumbbells (my favourite weight equipment) and to let you know how I finally began to love weight training!

I think my love for weight training started to develop when I figured that I was really pushing myself in the gym, and when I couldn’t do that last rep, or increase my weight, I found myself even more determined to go back and work hard to achieve my goals. I started lifting very light, to be exact, a 1.5KG dumbbell. I then found myself wanting to lift heavier, wanting to switch up my exercises because guess what? You can target more than just your arm muscles when using dumbbells, in fact, you can work your whole body!

As my knowledge continued to develop, I found myself reading online training articles, and LOVED what I was reading, I Youtube’d a few videos and enjoyed my workouts so much more, weighted glute bridges, weighted squats and weighted lunges were just a few exercises that I  began to love and hate at the same time.

I now enjoy weight training more than I enjoy cardio. Even when I feel as though I can’t achieve my last rep, I mentally push myself and find myself doing more than just my last rep. I love and now crave the feeling that I get after I complete a full body weighted workout, I feel super energetic and I actually love the aches that you can get especially the next day, because I know that that means I’m targeting my muscles and making myself stronger! Finally, I love finding out that I can increase the weight, it’s such an amazing feeling when you exercise and find yourself thinking that lifting that specific weight is now SO EASY and you don’t find yourself working your body, that’s when you smile to yourself, increase that weight, and push through.

Speak Soon,

Luce xo

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