Let’s talk about the L word. Sometimes we don’t want to hear it because it’s just too soon, sometimes we find ourselves craving, and in a wider context, the L word is basically what makes the world go round, because let’s be honest, without the L word, things wouldn’t be as they are now. I’m sure by now you have figured out what the L word is, and if you find yourself wishing that you had the L word in your life, then keep on reading.

Love. Finding love can be extremely exciting, nerve-wracking, but most of all difficult. I’m sure that we can all remember our first crushes, our first kiss, and how we felt when we thought that we were falling in love, but now that we’re fully fledged adults, it seems as though finding love is one of the most difficult tasks that we may encounter throughout our life.

However, finding love shouldn’t come at a cost, remember that time you paid a £5 entry into a club because the guy you liked was there, and you watched him go home with another girl? You spent £5 on a guy that turned out to be just like the rest, just think, you could have spent that £5 on some new makeup, put it towards a pair of shoes, or you could have simply put it into your savings.

With the increase of technological advances, and a world that’s obsessed with social media, phone apps and spend the majority of the time on the internet, the popularity of online dating has also increased. But here’s the catch. Although you may be desperate to find love, it shouldn’t come at a price, like most dating sites unfortuantley do. Love is supposed to be a natural thing that occurs between two people, so it shouldn’t cost us a fee each month!

However, this online dating website may be the answer to your love filled prayers! I personally don’t like the vibe of paying for a dating site so would rather find love my own way, but, the thought of a FREE dating site changes my mind-set completely! The thought of a free dating site sounds great to me and I’m more than sure that it can be so advantageous for those seeking love, just think, the money that you’ve saved by joining a free dating site can go towards your first romantic date with your new found love!

Before I round off this post, please always remember that although the prospect of online dating can be fun and exciting, always remember to be safe. Don’t give out personal details, and make sure that you’re always being careful. Love shouldn’t be dangerous so please keep your safety in mind, because I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I’m now going to leave you all to find your new partner, whilst I also begin the hunt for my very own Mr! Let me know your thoughts on dating sites and if you’d ever pay to find love?

Speak soon,

Luce xo


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