Ahh, mojito’s, the ultimate drink of the summer, whether you’re sipping on your mocktail or your cool cocktail, there’s no doubt about it, mojito’s just give you that fresh taste that you’ve been craving all summer!

Well…here’s the thing, this post isn’t as it may seem, yes, I’m talking about mojito’s, but not in the way that you think. I’ve recently started working with the most delicious smelling brand – A Pony Called Steve! Believe me when I say just how amazing this brand is, the products smell absolutely gorgeous, and will have you craving the scent alllllll day!


To make things even better, A Pony Called Steve is absolutely cruelty free, the brand definitely wins some bonus points!

Now onto the mojito’s as such. I was lucky enough to try out the Mojito Bath and Body Wash, and it’s 100% my vibe. As expected, the wash smells like mojito’s, but so much so, that you would actually think that someone close was sipping on a sweet smelling mojito! It definitely had me craving a mojito after trying it out!

So what do I think about the Mojito Bath and Body Wash?


Firstly, I LOVEEEEE IT! You can also use the wash as a bubble bath or a wash itself, so it’s super great! I personally use it to wash away the stress of the day, and indulge in a little me time.

The packaging is super snazzy, so great for all of you guys and gals who love to stand out from the crowd! But seriously, let’s talk about the label. It’s pure genius! I love brands who can be creative with their words, and this brand certainly is, I mean come on, it’s called, A Pony Called Steve! Amazing.

The Mojito Bath and Body Wash is priced at £8.00, but a little fairy told me that if you use the code “LUCY10” at the checkout, you can grab yourself a cheeky little 10% off! So you fancy purchasing another product? Great! Orders that are £15+ qualify for FREE DELIVERY!

Let me know if you purchase any and your thoughts on them!

Speak Soon,

Luce xo


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