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 After tweeting about how much I’ve fallen in love with my most recent skincare routine, I received a few messages about the products that I use, in which order, and how many times a week I apply them, so I decided to write a little post for you all so you can read up on my routine anytime that you want!

Firstly, I will admit that these products are more expensive than your everyday high-street products, but personally, I decided to spend this much on the products because I’ve found that they actually work great with my skin.

However, before I start discussing the products, the first thing that comes before any part of my routine is the amount of water I drink per day. I’ve seen multiple debates regarding whether drinking water helps your skin or not, and I can’t say that I agree or disagree with any side because I just don’t have the in-depth knowledge. What I do know though, is that whenever I have a small breakout, I usually increase my water intake, and within just a day, my skin looks and feels better. On an average day, I usually drink eight-nine glasses of water, this is mostly because I don’t drink tea, coffee or any sugary drinks, and I prefer to eat fruit, rather than drink them in a smoothie form. I’m not going to claim that drinking water is essential for my skin, because I can’t prove that fully, but I will always emphasise drinking the amount of water that is recommended by professionals (eight glasses of water per day) to encourage not only a healthy lifestyle, but also to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Now, onto the products!



I’ve used this product for so long that I can’t remember when I actually started to use it! The product itself is part of Clinique’s three step skincare routine, I did experiment with the routine, but found that the products from Step Two and Three just didn’t work well with my skin, but this product works wonders.

I use the soap twice a day, once when I wake up on a morning, and once just before I go to sleep, after I have taken my make-up off of course. I use mild warm water with it, as I don’t enjoy using too much of a hot temperature. I begin by wetting my face, rubbing it together with my hands, and then massaging it into my skin. Once I begin to see the soap clearly on my face, I rinse thoroughly with mild warm water, and then pat my face dry with a clean towel. I’m always very gentle when drying my face as I believe that it helps to maintain the skins natural softness.



So this product is a little bit different from your usual exfoliator, but I’ve grown to love it and now it’s an absolute essential within my skincare routine. Experimenting with a new exfoliator is always a bit of a challenge for myself as sometimes my skin can react to products that emphasise just how natural they are! However, my skin agreed with this product immediately, I had no problem with the application or the rinsing, and to my surprise, I wasn’t left with a patchy skin tone, which usually results in an allergic reaction, which is what usually happens! Talk about being a typical blogger, but the exfoliator is golden, which makes me love it even more, because hey, who doesn’t want a golden, shimmery exfoliator?

When using the exfoliator, I actually begin by putting it directly onto my skin, where as in the past with previous exfoliators, I usually begin by wetting my face. I then massage the exfoliator into my skin, and the texture transforms from a gel-like texture, into more of an oily emulsion texture, this helps to remove dead skin cells when you begin to rinse the exfoliator off. My skin is always left feeling super smooth, and sometimes even a little bit brighter! I cannot fault this exfoliator as I’ve tried so many different products and I’ve finally found one that works great for me!



Okay, so this product is a LIFE-CHANGER! Firstly, I’m going to begin by emphasising how important a good moisturiser is to me, I despise it when I use a moisturiser and my skin is left feeling heavy, sticky and oily for the rest of the day, whereas after approximately three minutes, this product leaves my skin feeling cool, hydrated and smooth, so that’s a win for me!

After exfoliating, I wait around five to ten minutes before applying this cream, I don’t really have a reason as to why I wait, but it seems to work for me, so I’m going to continue to do that. I make sure that I apply the cream evenly around my face, and even spare a little for specifically my nose, as this is the main place where my skin lacks hydration. Once I’ve applied it, I usually leave my bathroom feeling pretty happy and ready for the day ahead. What’s even better, is that I can confidently say that my skin continues to feel hydrated from the minute I apply it, to the minute I’m about to begin my night routine. Finding a moisturiser that I really like has been a difficulty for me, but I’ve honestly fallen in love with this product.

So there you have it, my go-to skincare routine, which up to now, is working fantastically for me!

Speak soon,

Luce xo


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