I know that most of my followers are just getting over Easter weekend, alongside feeling a little bit sluggish from all of the chocolate and in some cases, a lot of alcohol. However, if you didn’t celebrate Easter, and you’re just feeling like you need to re-discover your motivation to tone up, then this guide is still relevant, so keep on reading!

Firstly, as I do in all of my fitness posts, I am in no means qualified in anything to do with fitness or health, the exercises that I write about are simply exercises that I’ve been taught to do in the gym, or through my own personal research, and what I’ve found works for me. Everyone is completely different, so if you find that my exercises don’t work for you, it may be good to research what will work, or speak to a fitness coach near you. This doesn’t necessarily mean paying for a personal trainer, like some may think, you can just ask around, or ask your local fitness enthusiasts at your gym (if you attend one). As in all cases, before trying any of these exercises at home, please do consult your medical professional, and do NOT push yourself, the last thing you want is an injury, so only do what you feel like you can do.

So, let’s start shall we? I’m going to start talking about the motivation that 99% of us lack when working out, I even lack the motivation before a work out, sometimes I look outside and think “ew it’s raining, that means I can’t go to the gym”, or I’ll eat really well and think that that’s an excuse to not train. You don’t need to train everyday, but to see results alongside healthy eating, let’s face it, you’re going to have to put in some physical work.


I don’t know about you, but I love new workout clothes! In addition to loving them, whenever they arrive, or I purchase them, I feel like I need to workout immediately to show off my new looks, or to just wear them in general, because let’s be honest, we all love a good shopping trip! So instead of buying that dress, or that shirt you had your eyes on, why not purchase some leggings, or a vest? That way you’ll be able to purchase other clothes, looking better than you already do! For inspiration, these are my favourite fitness clothes websites; ASOS, Boohoo, JD Sports, PrettyLittleThing and Sweaty Betty!  I’ve also included some images at the end of the post to give you some ideas regarding both clothing and equipment.


You can’t work out without a great playlist, so head on over to your fave music app and create one! I promise that you’ll find more motivation to work out when you know you’ll be listening to your favourite songs! If you don’t want to go through all the effort to create a workout playlist, then you can listen to mine over on spotify, make sure to subscribe so I know who’s working out with me! Playlist here – Lucy’s Gym Playlist! 


So this one might be an obvious one, but just think of your results and how you’ll look if you commit to working out! We all work out for different reasons, but in the end, we all have increased levels of confidence because we love how we look. So just think of your after working out body, and I can guarantee that you’ll be working out before you even finish reading!


Here’s one for all of you cardio lovers…or haters. I love to incorporate weight training into my workouts because that also helps to melt fat, so here are my top moves. I haven’t included any images, but a general youtube search will help you find them!

  1. JUMPING JACKS – because who doesn’t love a good jumping jack? I aim to do two hundred of these during my workouts, in different sets of course.
  2. BURPEES – The dreaded word, but they do give good results. I personally aim to do forty each workout, but I’ve been working out for a long time, so if you’re new, just aim for one or two!
  3. PLANKS – Please youtube this move even if you know how to do it. Technique is so important when doing a plank so you don’t injure yourself. I hold mine to 1min30sec, but started out only holding them for 5secs, so don’t be put off, you’ll up the level in no time!
  4. KETTLEBELL SWINGS – My FAVOURITE move of all time. If you don’t have a kettlebell to hand, a bottle of water will do when you’re just starting out, remember to follow youtube tutorials too!
  5. JUMPING SQUATS – Feel the burn with these! But you’ll love me when you start seeing results. I do fifty, but started out only doing five. Remember to take a rest in between jumps if you need to as well!

So there you go, my motivation tips and my five favourite moves! Be sure to check out the products below, as some of the equipment may become essential to your workout!

Let me know if you follow my playlist or if you purchased any of my recommendations!

Speak soon,

Luce xo



  1. a playlist for me can be the difference between a good work out and not working out at all!

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