Iconic London – Day to Slay Palette – £45 

Iconic London – the brand that is taking over your social media! Over the last few months, my Instagram and Twitter feeds have been packed full of Iconic London products, from brushes to highlighters. Due to the brand’s popularity, I decided to do my own research and see exactly what the hype was about.

Firstly, Iconic London is both cruelty-free and vegan, so a win win in terms of animals! Prior to trying out the “Day to Slay” palette, I had never experimented with vegan makeup, the texture isn’t really that different to non-vegan shadows, but the morality behind the making of the palette is so much more positive than others.

I’m a huge eyeshadow palette fan, I prefer to purchase palettes rather than individual shades because I know that I can combine at least three shades from any palette, so I know that I’m getting my moneys worth, and plus, it’s super easy to just carry one palette around, rather than multiple individual ones! Also, palettes don’t get lost easily within your makeup bag!

Day to Slay is Iconic London’s only eyeshadow palette, but the brand has included every shade that a girl would want in just one palette. Seriously, I’ve fallen in love with it. The palette consists of twenty different shades, that’s right, twenty! Much more than your usual palette, so that’s a bonus! In terms of texture, the palette includes twelve shimmers and eight mattes, and I can confidently say that all make your eyes look super pretty! I usually combine one matte with two or three shimmers, depending on the occasion and my outfit, with the matte usually being my base colour and then building the look through the addition of shimmers. But hey, everyone’s different so if you’re more of a shimmer type of person, then you have twelve different shades to play with, and if you love all things matte, then you still have eight beautiful shades!


Here comes the best bit…from my experience, the shadows have lasted up to more than twelve hours, whilst remaining uncreased! Usually I have to take time out of my day to top up my eyeshadow, but I can confidently continue my day, knowing that my shadow hasn’t moved an inch!

Day to Slay is priced at £45 and although at first glance, it seems quite expensive, when I compared other palettes and their prices, I realised that this price is super reasonable considering the amount of shades included, and of course, the advantages of the palette!

My two favourite shades are currently “Girl Boss” and “Wonderland”. Overall, my first ever experience of Iconic London has been super positive, and I can almost feel myself becoming one of those people who can’t help but buy every single product!

Speak soon,

Luce xo

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