We’ve all heard of protein shakes, the different flavours, the various amount of protein within them, and a dozen media stories. Protein shakes have continued to be one of the fitness nation’s most loved supplements, and I’ll happily admit, they were my favourite too. That is, until I was gifted a lovely delivery of Vieve Protein Water!

Vieve Protein Water? What’s that? You may ask. It’s your brand new favourite alternative to protein shakes!

Vieve Protein Water has 20g of protein, is free from both sugar and fat, is low calorie and includes essential amino acids and BCAA’s, all in one little drink! So forget your protein powder, this protein water is where all of the fun is at! Oh and did I forget to mention, the amazing refreshing taste?

Head over to Vieve Protein Water to buy your six pack now (whilst you work on your other six pack…), my favourite flavour is the citrus, apple and mint if any of you are wanting suggestions!

Speak soon,

Luce xo


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