As I sit here writing this post, my train has been cancelled, the later services have been cancelled, and my dog is too small to currently venture outside, that is unless, he wants to fight his way through the snow, but I have a feeling the snow will win. Isn’t it amazing how much snow can affect you?

Here in the UK, we’ve woken up to at least a foot of snow (where I am anyway), the country is freaking out, transport is cancelled, schools are closed, and temperatures are constantly plummeting. So the only thing that most of us can do, is to stay indoors. As a student, staying indoors is pretty easy for me to do, I can plan my day to research my assignments and continue drafting them, I can finish my assigned reading, and then settle down later on in the evening and catch up on some television. Sounds great right? I definitely won’t be running out of things to do! However, for those of you who aren’t students, and are stuck indoors, you may be faced with the task of entertaining yourself, because lets face it, there’s only so many episodes of the Real Housewives that you can watch before you’re screaming at the TV and realising that you’re truly going insane due to boredom. Well that’s where I can help. I’ve created a list of things for you to do to help pass the time!


1. The obvious thing to do, grab a cup of tea, relax on your couch, and watch your favourite TV show, or your favourite movie…or you can even go as far as watching something you’ve never watched before! Who knew TV could be so exciting?..

2. So you usually spend an hour of your day at the gym? Fill two water bottles up and get working out! Start playing some music on your phone, jog around the house, do some jumping jacks, use your water bottles as weights and before you know it, you’ll have had an effective workout! If you’re stuck for ideas, then do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll be flooded with different home workouts!

3. Remember those books you decided to purchase about five years ago? You know, the one’s you haven’t gotten round to reading? Now’s your chance! Turn the TV off, sit in a quiet room, and indulge yourself into the story!

4. Home-made apple pie, home-made cakes, home-made biscuits, if you have the ingredients then it’s time for you to get baking! Grab your whisk and start making some sweet goods!


5. Have you ever felt as though you want to change your usual go-to makeup look? But you just haven’t had the time to be able to experiment and find a look that you love. Grab your mirror, your makeup and your brushes and start creating!

These are just a few things that you can do if you’re snowed in! Let me know in the comments below how you’re planning on spending your snow day!

Speak soon,

Luce xo

7 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: SNOW, SNOW, SNOW

  1. We actually had snow here yesterday. Although most of it has melted away, we’re now being treated with a wind so killed making it feel like -20 degrees. Whoop-de-whoop. Yesterday was actually the coldest 28th of February they EVER measured. So, you know, although not snowed in, I can definitely use some of your suggestions on this list! Luckily I’m an ‘inside person’ anyway, so I think I’ll survive (as long as there’s enough biscuits to nibble on OR I could naturally make some myself)… 😉


  2. I had my second snow day yesturday and was so bored. So bored it scared me as tomorrow is my last day at work before I go on maternity leave. I feel like it took me half the day to tidy the house and then I was bored. I had nothing to do. This has given me so many more ideas and now I’m excited!

    Brilliant post
    Much love

  3. Love this. We were snowed in for a few days last week and actually did a few items on your list. I decided to bake and started experimenting with a new eye shadow palette I got. Great job on realistic tips!

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