I’m well aware that I’m late to the party writing this review, but as one of my new all-time favourite fragrances, I decided that even though I have missed the train to rave all about the fragrance, it still wouldn’t hurt to publish my thoughts on Gucci Bloom!

As my fellow fashionista’s and fragrance lovers will know, Gucci Bloom was the fragrance on everyone’s minds and bodies when it was first released in 2017, and I can confirm that it still the main fragrance on my body. I just can’t get enough of it!

For those of you who worship the brand, or are crazy about all things behind the scenes of our favourite fashion brands, you’ll know that Gucci Bloom was essentially Alessandro Michele’s first fragrance for the brand since being appointed creative director in 2015. Michele stated that his vision for the perfume was to create a fragrance that was “feminine and happy”, and in my opinion, he has ultimately exceeded expectations.

**SHOCKER ALERT** This was my FIRST EVER Gucci perfume! For those of you who have followed me for a while, you’ll know how much of a fragrance addict I am, yet I had never wanted to purchase a fragrance from Gucci until Bloom. I don’t know why, but Gucci perfume just didn’t appeal to me…boy have things changed!

Like most people, I eagerly awaited the launch of Gucci Bloom, and was lucky enough to be spending a few days in London as it was launched, so yes, I did take a trip to Bond Street and purchase the perfume from the Gucci store itself rather than a concession. I can still picture London being covered in Gucci Bloom adverts, from tube stations, to in and around Harrods, Gucci Bloom was taking over! And ever since, it’s kind of taken over my life.


So what does the perfume actually smell like? As the name of the fragrance implies, the perfume gives off a gorgeous floral scent, almost as if you’re walking through fields and fields of flowers, smelling every sweet scent as you pass, whilst also breathing in the fresh air. For me, I love the freshness and the floral notes of the perfume, it makes me feel incredibly feminine and sophisticated. I usually don’t like strong floral scents, but this scent is just right, and it has soon become one of my all-time favourites! To make things even better, I can confirm, it’s been a hit with both the boys and girls in my life, I’m almost beginning to lose track of how many times people have complimented me on the fragrance or asked what I’m wearing!

As if the scent wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with Bloom, the packaging is simple, yet beautiful, and let’s admit it, the pink bottle is incredibly insta-grammable for all of you insta-fans out there!

Overall, I have completely fallen in love with this fragrance, and cannot even begin to think of how I would be able to criticise it, because I don’t think that that would be possible!

Let me know what your favourite perfumes are below! I’m always open to trying new fragrances!

Lots of love,

Luce xo

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